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Major in Entrepreneurship

Marty Cayton, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Assistant Professor of Business Administration


Office: Center For Entrepreneurship


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Bachelor of Arts or Science in Entrepreneurship:

The Entrepreneurship major prepares students for successful venture creation and implementation and provides them opportunities to acquire the necessary operational knowledge to start a new business or significantly impact an exisiting business. The Entrepreneurship major enables students to study business communication, marketing, finance, management, economics, accounting, and information systems from an entrepreneurial perspective. The Curriculum is flexible- students may tailor the program to fit specific needs, while acquiring the business background necessary for pursuing entrepreneurial goals.

Successful business professionals contribute to the program and an advisory board of recognized entrepreneurial leaders mentors students. Specialized courses, internships, and interaction with renowned business leaders are intended to provide a catalyst for starting, operating, and/or entering into a successful business.

The Entrepreneurship majors draws upon the strength of Methodist University's Center For Entrepreneurship. The Center, established in 1973, has long served the Fayetteville and southeastern North Carolina region as an advocate and supporter of the business community.

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Requirements for the major in Entrepreneurship: In addition to the foundation core and the professional core courses required of all majors in the Reeves School of Business, the following courses are required: BUS 3150, BUS 3000, MKT 4200, ENP 3010/ BUS 3010, ENP 3100, ENP 3300, ENP 3600, ENP 4700, BUS 4650.

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Sample Four Year Plan:


Requirements for the minor in Entrepreneurship: Go to Minor