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International Business Studies Program


The International Business Studies Program is designed promote a global focus in business education and recognize students who commit to international study. Our mission is to introduce Methodist University business students to foreign cultural, social, and business environments to broaden their horizons and perspectives concerning business and its role in the global community.Any Reeves School of Business student may enroll in the program by seeing their academic advisor.

International Business Studies Certificate

Enrolled students must accumulate ten (10) International Studies Points prior to graduation to earn the Certificate in International Business Studies. Points can be earned through Study Abroad, International Internship, International Business Courses, and through attendance at special events and presentations. The Certificate can be earned without foreign travel

International Business Studies Graduation Cord

Students completing ten (10) International Studies Points through qualifying academic disciplines become eligible to wear the International Business Studies Cord at Commencement. Qualifying points categories for the cord are listed in Bold below

Earning the International Business Studies Certificate and Cord

Points toward the Certificate in International Business Studies may be earned in the following ways:

Points toward the Graduation Cord must be earned exclusively through categories listed in Bold:

  1. Study Abroad for one semester or more through Methodist University or another accredited university program. (10 points)
  2. Complete a 3 month International Internship (10 points)
  3. Travel as part of a Methodist University RSB Sponsored group for a minimum 7 days total time (3-5 points depending on length and agenda)
  4. Travel as part of another (non-RSB sponsored) Methodist University group for a minimum 7 days total time (3-5 points depending on length and agenda)
  5. Completion of university foreign language class (3 semester hours minimum, 2 points per class, no more than 2 points can be earned in a semester)
  6. Participation in Methodist University International Studies Seminars and Programs conducted on campus. (.5 points per seminar, no limit)
  7. Completion of Methodist University classes with a major international studies component. (2 points per class)
  8. Presenting a research paper or case study regarding international topics at a Methodist University seminar or forum. (1 point).

It is the student's responsibility to provide proof of participation to the International Business Studies Program Records Coordinator.




Program Director


Office: Clark #112

Records Coordinator


Office: Clark #117