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Studying Abroad

Explore the World by Studying Abroad

Expand your horizons, bring your course work to life, learn more about yourself, the world and your country; these are just a few reasons why students pursue education abroad opportunities. Study abroad programs are designed to enhance students' personal, professional, social, academic, and cultural discovery. There are many reasons to pursue education abroad whether it be studying for a semester, an academic year, a summer, a few weeks or pursuing an internship or volunteering overseas.

Come in and see us -we would love to learn more about your academic goals and put a unique international component in your MU Journey!

*Please note the Study Abroad Office has been relocated in Berns Student Center to Room 1.

The Following Education Abroad Options are currently available for MU Students:

  1. Short term courses abroad: Approximately one-two weeks, these are study abroad courses that are led by MU Faculty and are typically offered at a low-cost. Some recent trips include: Sweden (Financial Economics), Italy, France (Honor's Program), Guatemala (Business), and England (Shakespeare). For the 2013-2014 Academic School Year four programs will be offered:

    Puerto Rico (All Majors) led by Dr. Kurt Smith -December 2013
    Guatemala (All Majors) led by Dr. Mary Kirchner - Spring Break 2014
    Ireland (All Majors) led by Dr. Pam Strickland - Spring Break 2014
    Transatlantic (All Majors) - Portugal, Spain, and France led by Dr. Jim Marcin - May 2014

  2. Exchanges: Exchange programs allow MU students to travel to our exchange partner universities for a semester while still paying MU tuition and retaining the majority of their financial aid/scholarships. Students pay the host institution room and board. MU has the following Exchange programs:
    • Irish American Scholars Program: How about spending a semester or two semesters studying at a university in Northern Ireland? The Irish-American Scholars Program is sponsored by The United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Catholic Church in cooperation with the Business Education Initiative (BEI) in Northern Ireland, the government of Northern Ireland, and several Irish colleges and universities.One goal of the program is "to replace division with unity in a common goal of international business success." Graduates of the program are better qualified to contribute in an international market place and to explore new Northern Ireland/United States partnerships and commercial opportunities.

      There are five excellent colleges and universities in Northern Ireland to choose from:

      Belfast Institution of Further and Higher Education
      Queens University
      St. Mary's University College
      Stranmillis University College
      University of Ulster

      Length of program: Late August to December or late January to mid-May
      Eligibility: Juniors and Seniors with a GPA of 3.2
      Annual Deadline is February 1st
      Fact Sheet
    • CONAHEC (Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration) Student Exchange Program covers all academic disciplines as well as options for students interested in academic coursework and on-the-job training and/or experiential education abroad. Exchanges are available in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Mexico, Spain, and South Korea.
    • Rennes School of Business, France: Undergraduate Exchange program for juniors. For more information, see the Web site.
    • Universidad Madero, Pueblo, Mexico: Undergraduates with a B average are encouraged to apply. Applications due Nov for spring semester, June for fall semester. Must enroll in a minimum of three subjects per semester, a maximum of five. Summer and semester programs. There are also Faculty Member short duration exchanges. They provide room and board and ground transportation. Resumés due in November.

  3. Third-Party Providers: MU students can also travel to various institutions directly or through a Third Party Provider such as Central College Abroad, CISAbroad, El Nomad, GlobaLinks, SIT Study Abroad and various other providers. Usually each third party provider offers various discounts and scholarships if you choose their program. Countless programs and destinations are available for students, however institutional aid does not travel on "study abroad" programs. For more information about study abroad programs, email or stop by the office in Berns Rm. 1 to set up an appointment with a study abroad advisor.

For more information about any type of study abroad program and financial support, please email

Why study abroad?

Study Abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with benefits that go far beyond academic learning. Students develop relevant intercultural communication and problem-solving skills. They develop confidence, flexibility, independence, and a new appreciation for diversity. An international learning experience strengthens career opportunities and increases awareness of the interconnected nature of the world.

Financial Aid Information for Study Abroad

Federal PELL recipients are eligible for the Gilman Scholarship (up to $5,000) and if you receive it, you are eligible for $3,00 more if you are studying a critical language.

Are you military using the GI BILL? Did you know that you can use your GI BILL while studying abroad? We have several locations and programs that may interest you. For more information, see this GI Study Abroad Fact Sheet,, and/or email

Do you have at least a 3.0 GPA? Apply for the MU Travel Grant (PDF | MS Word).

For additional information on Financial Aid, please see NAFSA:Assocation of International Educators' resource on Financial Aid for Study Abroad.

How to Receive Class Credit for Studying Abroad

  • Students should download the information on the courses they would take in whatever program they choose to pursue abroad.
  • They need to bring the courses/descriptions to the Registrar's for review.
  • The Registrar will review the courses, in conjunction with the appropriate department head (ex. if the course is an English course, the Registrar would see the head of the English department) to determine course equivalency or transferability of courses.
  • Any course that is transferable will be given a grade of pass/fail.

Whom do I contact?

Lyle Sheppard, Director of International Programs & Study Abroad
(910) 630-7225 or
International Programs Office, Berns Student Center
Jennifer Ramos, Assistant Director of Study Abroad
(910) 630-7159 or
Study Abroad Office, Room 1, Berns Student Center

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