Dr. Javier Pabón

Chair, Modern Languages & Literature
(910) 630-7073
Trustees 115
Dr. Javier Pabón, Chair, Modern Languages & Literature

Associate Professor of Modern Languages


B.A., La Sabana University; M.A., Duke University; Ph.D., Simon Bolivar Andean University


Dr. Javier Pabón received a BA in Communications from Universidad de La Sabana. Most of his undergraduate work was in audiovisual production and criticism, the relations between the media and the social movements, and the understanding of communicative and cultural practices. He has been part of several audiovisual projects that span from experimental video and documentary to feature-length commercial films.

In the spring of 2006, he obtained his Master’s with a certificate in Latin American Studies from Duke University. His teaching and research have focused on Latin American Cultural Studies; Diasporic Thought; Oral Tradition; Contemporary narratives and sensibilities; De-colonial theory; De-colonial aesthetics; Latinx, Latin American, and Spanish Film and Literature.

He graduated with distinction with a Ph.D. in Latin American Cultural Studies from the Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar. His dissertation: “Afro-Andean Literature and Oral Tradition: Ancestral Representations, Symbolism, and Media,” explores different forms of representation of the Afro-descendant communities in the Pacific coast of Ecuador, including poetry, oral tradition, and media presence.


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