Mark Regensburger

Assistant Professor of Management
(910) 482-5424
Trustees 101B
Mark Regensburger, Assistant Professor of Management


B.A., Alma College; M.B.A., Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Teaching Philosophy

Management education prepares humans to function effectively within human organizations. To help prepare you, I seek to foster a professional mindset and to encourage innovation, creativity, and responsible risk-taking. The classroom is a place where we can balance the real-world challenges and consequences of the workplace with a supportive environment where students can explore, experiment, fail safely, and learn from their experiences.

Humans learn by reflecting on experiences. In my courses, we explore new ideas, encounter familiar ideas in new frameworks, share individual perspectives, and engage with other humans in social interactions. By reflecting on these experiences, we together create better understandings of the ways that humans interact in organizational settings. We can then apply these new understandings in our own lives, pursuits, and activities. Through this ongoing process, we each develop our own capacity to learn from new experiences for the rest of our lives, and to function effectively in both our workplace and our community.

Research Interests

Organizational Learning and Performance; Leadership Development; Program Evaluation; Faith and Work




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