Graphic Design

If you have ever tried to persuade someone or explain something in a visual way, you were working with some form of graphic design. Are you intrigued by posters, billboards, menus, ... even t-shirts? You may enjoy gaining the creative methods, processes, and talents involved in creating effective graphic design.

Class projects will help you fill your own unique portfolio. Projects will include logo designs, stationery systems, newsletter and magazine layouts, book covers, posters, film and video graphics, package designs, advertising designs, websites, and more. Typography, layout, illustration, and photography will become technical and creative skills. You will choose which skills are appropriate to produce successful solutions for each project. Some projects will help real clients gain attention. Other projects may gain the attention of prospective employers.


  1. To meld liberal arts studies from the MU core with art and design history, providing the context for stimulating intellectual and creative inquiry.
  2. To provide foundations and upper-level studio coursework which will develop the students’ capacities for all stages of graphic design from conceptualization and æsthetics through craftsmanship of final projects. The coursework will develop the their creativity and time- and project-management skills.
  3. To provide critiques and discussion—with input from both professors and peers—within each studio course. The expectation is that constructive input is received openly and considered within project revisions, as designers have an enormous curiosity about learning different things.
  4. To impart a working knowledge of current industry-standard graphic design software and hardware for production skills and efficiency upon graduates’ employment.
  5. To provide professional work experience in the design industry through internships, and/or coursework for off-campus clientele. This will refine the students’ portfolios while enhancing their design vocabulary and communication skills.

Requirements for the B.F.A. in Graphic Design

82 s.h

Foundation Core

AGD 1000, 2030, 3010, ARH 2530, ART 1010, 1020, 2030, 2050, 3000, 3010, and 3090

Professional Core

AGD 2000, 2010, 2020, 2050, 3000, 3020, 3030, 3050, 4000, 4010, 4020, and ART 4010

Art History Courses

AGD 2040, ARH 2540, 3530, 3540, and 4850

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Program Faculty & Staff

Silvana Foti, Professor of Art

Silvana Foti

Executive Director, David McCune International Art Gallery
(910) 630-7107
Kerry Scott Jenkins, Associate Professor of Graphic Design

Kerry Scott Jenkins

Associate Professor of Graphic Design
(910) 630-7042
Tori Jordan, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Tori Jordan

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
(910) 630-7118
Vilas Tonape, Chair of the Department of Art

Vilas Tonape

Chair, Art
(910) 630-7106

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