Students gather for an exibition of student art in the David McCune International Art Gallery

The purpose and mission of the Art Department is to serve the university by providing (1) art courses fulfilling the fine arts requirement for the General Education Core, (2) elective courses for all students, (3) B.A. majors and minors in studio arts, (4) the B.F.A. professional degree in Graphic Design, (5) special preparation for teaching art in the public schools, and (6) individual and group student exhibitions, held in David McCune International Art Gallery at the William F. Bethune Center for Visual Arts. Off-campus Fayetteville area venues for ancillary exhibits include The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County, Cape Fear Studios, Olde Town Gallery, Gallery 208, Ellington White Gallery, and Gallery 113.

The Art Department is staffed by practicing artists and designers who regularly exhibit and/or publish their work.

The Art Department seeks students willing to work hard and perform with a degree of independence. Each student is encouraged to explore various media and techniques to provide a broad base from which to select and pursue his/her primary goal.

Demonstrated competency through actual performance is a basic criterion for being accepted and/or continuing in any of the programs. The exit evaluation assesses the student’s ability and promise as an artist, designer, or as a special subject teacher in art.


  1. Upon completion of the course of study within an Art Department curriculum, students will demonstrate understanding of the history and theory of art,
  2. Demonstrate ability to identify visual art objects and relate them to their historical and cultural contexts,
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary necessary to understand and discuss art,
  4. Demonstrate the ability to combine knowledge of art history and studio processes, and
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in at least one creative studio process.

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Vilas Tonape

Vilas Tonape, M.F.A.

Chair, Art; Associate Professor of Art
Vilas Tonape
Vilas Tonape, M.F.A.

Chair, Art; Associate Professor of Art

B.F.A., Sir J.J. School of Art; M.F.A., Texas Christian University


Vilas Tonape is an internationally recognized practicing artist, and as a professor he teaches in and chairs the department of art at Methodist University in Fayetteville, N.C. Tonape has been creating art for over thirty years and is a native of India. He received his BFA in Drawing and Painting with distinction from Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. He earned an MFA in Painting from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. His work has been exhibited internationally, including venues in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ontario and Bombay. Tonape has won numerous awards throughout the United States and India, and his work has been critically acclaimed. The Palm Beach Post says: “Tonape’s painting can be described as classically inspired, contemporary-realism—interpretive images that enchant the eye.”