Financial Economics

A student of Financial Economics will have the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of economic theory, especially the theory pertaining to the operations and workings of financial markets and financial institutions. Students in Financial Economics will learn about financial asset markets (including stocks, bonds, and exchange rates), and various financial institutions (including commercial banks, the Federal Reserve System, and the International Monetary Fund). During their studies, students will also gain an understanding of other sectors of the economy, including business economics, labor economics, and the global economy. The broad goal of the Financial Economics program is to produce a graduate who can apply economic theory to decision-making, both as a citizen in this democracy and as a member of the business community.

Successful completion of the Financial Economics program prepares a student for a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates are prepared for careers in such areas as corporate finance, investment management, commercial and retail banking, management of financial institutions, financial analysis, business economics, and economic analysis. Career opportunities are found with corporations, financial institutions, public utilities, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Financial Economics students also have an excellent background for graduate studies in economics, business, law, and related fields.

ACBSP LogoAccreditation

The Reeves School of Business is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) to offer the following degrees: the Professional Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a focus in Organizational Management and Leadership, the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Financial Economics, Management, Marketing, and Sport Management.  Additionally, a minor in Accounting; Business Administration; Entrepreneurship; Financial Economics; Human Resource Management; International Business; Management; Marketing; Professional Tennis Management; Resort, Club, and Hospitality Management; and Sport Management is accredited.  Finally, a B.S. degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Financial Economics or Marketing with a PGA Golf Management Concentration; Professional Tennis Management; Resort, Club, and Hospitality Management; and Sport Management Concentration is accredited.

Requirements for the major in Financial Economics

Foundation Core

18 s.h. of Reeves School of Business foundation courses (ACC 2510, ACC 2530, BUS 2160, ECO 2610, and ECO 2620)

Professional Core

15 s.h. of Reeves School of Business upper level requirements (BUS 3320, BUS 3430, BUS 3520, BUS 4700, and MKT 2510)

Additional Requirements

BUS 3150, 4120; ECO 3110, 3130, 3160; plus 6 s.h. from: BUS 4150, 4370, or any 3000/4000 level economics course. (Note: An elective course for any Reeves School of Business major may only be used to meet the requirements of one major. A required class in any Reeves School of Business major may not be used as an elective for another Reeves School of Business major.

Requirements for the minor in Financial Economics

18 s.h. – 12 s.h. of required courses (ECO 2610, 2620, and 3110; BUS3320) and 6 s.h. of electives (from BUS 4120, 4150, 4370, or any 3000/4000-level economics course)

Requirements for the A.A. concentration in Financial Economics

18 s.h.—15 s.h. of required courses (ECO 2610, 2620, and 3110; BUS 3320 and 4120) and a 3 s.h. elective from BUS 4150, BUS 4370, or any 3000/4000-level Economics course

Program Faculty & Staff

Josiah Baker, Associate Professor of Finance & Economics

Josiah Baker, Ph.D.

Nimocks Professor of International Business
(910) 630-7477
Hem Basnet, Associate Professor of Financial Economics

Hem Basnet, Ph.D.

Chair, Financial Economics & Marketing
(910) 630-7089
Matt Dobra, Associate Professor of Financial Economics

Matt Dobra, Ph.D.

Nimocks Professor of Business
(910) 480-8455
Jen-Hsiang Lin, Professor of Business Administration & Economics

Jen-Hsiang Lin, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Administration & Economics
(910) 630-7080

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