Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Program is Approved by the American Bar Association, and Students who graduate from the Legal Studies program are eligible to take the North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Certification Exam.

Paralegal work is a fast growing field which is increasingly using college graduates. The field is expanding because lawyers use paralegals as a cost effe ctive way of providing excellent services to their clients. With an interest in law or simply wanting to help others, a legal studies minor can do wonders. A legal assistant may not practice law, give legal advice, or represent clients in a court of law; to do so would be the Unauthorized Practice of Law and a violation of the Code of Ethics for the American Bar Association.

The 21 semester hour Legal Studies minor is a program designed to prepare students to enter the legal profession. The program provides a working knowledge of the legal system in the United States. The program serves as preparation for students who wish to take the national certification examination (offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants) to become a legal assistant. The program prepares students to enter the legal profession as paralegals.

Much like the paralegal field, the Legal Studies Program is also growing very rapidly. Under the remarkable leadership of Wendy Vonnegut, Esq. the program is growing almost exponentially. In her four year tenure she has set the stage for many things to come. In just the last three years, students that have taken Legal Studies courses have been accepted to at least six different law schools.

The Legal Studies minor provides valuable preparation for aspiring law school students. A quick overview of the curriculum shows that the minor offers courses that are reflective of the first year of law school. With a firm foundation, students are able to enter law school with proven skills that are critical to one's performance.

Requirements for the minor in Legal Studies

The Legal Studies minor requires 21 s.h. of legal studies, 18 s.h. of which must be legal specialty courses designated by (*).

Transfer Policy

Twelve (12) s.h. of the 21 s.h. must be taken in a traditional classroom setting at Methodist University.

4 Required Courses

  • *LAW 200 Introduction to Legal Studies, 3 s.h.
  • *LAW 310 Law and the Legal System, 3 s.h.
  • *LAW 320 Legal Research and Writing, 3 s.h.
  • *LAW 470 Internship (requires 115 contact hours)

At Least 3 Elective Courses, 2 of which must be legal specialty courses (*)

  • *LAW 250 Environmental Regulations
  • *LAW 370 Tort Law
  • *LAW 371 Contract Law
  • *LAW 382 Business Organizations
  • LAW 385 The Living Constitution
  • *LAW 388 Bankruptcy Law
  • *LAW 389 Criminal Evidence & Procedure
  • *LAW 390 Administrative Law
  • *LAW 392 Real Property Law
  • *LAW 394 Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning & Probate
  • *LAW 396 Family Law
  • *LAW 398 Litigation
  • LAW 485 Special Topics
  • LAW 499 Independent Study

Program Faculty & Staff

Wendy Vonnegut, Associate Professor of Legal Studies

Wendy Vonnegut, J.D.

Director, Legal Studies Program
(910) 630-7491

Graduation Webcast

This is the undergraduate Winter Commencement ceremony. Admission is by ticket only.

Graduation Webcast


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