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Requirements for the major in Music Composition (B.A.)

  1. To be accepted as a candidate for a B.A. in Music Composition, the student must audition successfully no later than the end of the fourth semester.
  2. All music majors at Methodist University must successfully pass the sophomore gateway review. This normally consists of a face to face meeting with all full time music faculty (and student’s applied music instructor) at the end of the spring semester of the sophomore year. Further detail of the sophomore gateway review is outlined in the Methodist University Music Department Handbook.
  3. Continuous enrollment in MUS 0710 (with a passing grade). 8 semesters total.
  4. 37-43 s.h. of MUS 1070, 1080, 1600 (if necessary), 1610, 1620, 2070, 2080, 2610, 2620, 2600, 3010, 3030, 3040, 3070, 3110, 3130, 3370 (piano majors only), 3610, 4190; two of the following: MUS 4640, 4650, and 4660 (one applied composition semester can be taken in place of MUS 4650)
  5. 0-8 s.h. of foreign language courses in one language through the 1020-level or demonstration of competence (German, French, or Italian recommended);
  6. 8 s.h. of Applied Composition: MUS 1270, 2270, 3270, and 4270.
  7. A minimum of 16 continuous semester hours of applied lessons (C or higher) is required for all students receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition on one instrument or in voice. Percussionists must complete no fewer than 16 semester hours of applied lessons, with at least 10 semester hours in applied orchestral percussion.
  8. For students whose major instrument is not piano, satisfactory completion of the Piano Proficiency Exam is required.
  9. Continuous enrollment in ensemble in your major instrument or voice is required. A minimum of 8 credits of large ensemble (Concert Band, MUS 3480/3490), Noblemen (MUS 3280/3290), or Grace Notes (MUS 3860/3870), approved string or orchestra ensemble, or Guitar Ensemble (MUS 3260 -3270) is required for graduation. Guitar majors must enroll in one of these ensembles whether guitar ensemble is scheduled or not in any given semester.
  10. A half recital in the major instrument is required for graduation. Applied composition lessons do not take the place of applied instrument or voice. Applied instrumental or voice recital cannot take place in the same semester as the composition recital. It is recommended that the applied voice or instrumental recital take place in the junior year for composition majors.
  11. For instrumental majors, a minimum of two semesters of voice lessons or participation in Noblemen or Grace Notes (with instructor permission) is required.
  12. For vocal majors, a minimum of two semesters of instrumental lessons or participation in Marching Band or Concert Band (with instructor permission) is recommended
  13. Enrollment in upper 3000-4000 level courses is predicated on successful completion of 1000-2000 level classes.
  14. Instrumental majors (wind, brass, and percussion) are required to participate in Marching Band for no fewer than two years. Qualified piano majors may be asked to accompany one of the choirs to fulfill requirement. String majors must be involved in an equivalent instrumental activity, e.g., International Youth Symphony.

Program Faculty & Staff

Dr. Carlos Castilla, Instructor of Classical Guitar

Dr. Carlos Castilla

Instructor of Classical Guitar
(910) 630-7100
Keith Dippre, Professor of Music & Department Chair

Dr. Keith Dippre

Professor of Music
(910) 630-7101
Susan Durham-Lozaw, Professor of Music

Dr. Susan Durham-Lozaw

Professor of Music
(910) 630-7603
Laura Eis, Adjunct Instructor of Violin

Laura Eis

Adjunct Instructor of Violin
(910) 630-7100
Scott Marosek, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Scott Marosek

Associate Professor of Music
(910) 630-7252
Michael Martin, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Michael Martin

Union-Zukowski Professor of the Arts
(910) 630-7153
Daniel McCloud, Associate Professor of Music and Director of University Bands

Dr. Daniel McCloud

Associate Professor of Music
(910) 630-7673
Monica Sparzak, Instructor of Organ

Dr. Monica Sparzak

Adjunct Instructor of Organ
(910) 630-7100
Darrin Thiriot, Instructor of Clarinet

Darrin Thiriot

Instructor of Clarinet
(910) 630-7100
Linda Volman, Fine Arts Coordinator & Adjunct Instructor of Flute

Linda Volman Lane

Fine Arts Coordinator
(910) 630-7100
Kevin Ward, Adjunct Instructor of Low Brass

Kevin Ward

Adjunct Instructor of Low Brass
(910) 630-7100
Larry Wells, Professor of Music

Dr. Larry Wells

Union-Zukowski Professor of the Arts
(910) 630-7602

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