Physician Assistant Studies (MMS)

Welcome to the Methodist University Physician Assistant Program website. Our website is an excellent tool to learn more about the Master of Medical Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Methodist University. Please use the buttons below to view more information about our program, or click on the thumbnail to download our brochure.

Physician Assistant Program Brochure - Click Here to DownloadWhat is a PA?

Physician assistants (PAs) are licensed professionals who, with physician supervision, practice medicine. They receive a broad general medical/surgical education, which prepares them to work in virtually any specialty and practice setting. PAs are licensed to practice and authorized to prescribe medication in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and all U.S. territories with the exception of Puerto Rico.

Physician assistants provide services such as

  • taking medical histories
  • diagnosing common illnesses
  • performing physical examinations
  • ordering and interpreting lab tests
  • setting fractures
  • assisting and or perform minor surgery
  • counseling patients

Physician Assistants are extremely beneficial in providing primary care as well as medical care in specialty fields. A commitment to caring is the foundation of the physician assistant program at Methodist University. Education consists of classroom and laboratory instruction in the basic medical and behavioral sciences (such as anatomy & dissection, pharmacology, pathophysiology, clinical medicine, and physical diagnosis), followed by clinical rotations such as internal medicine, family medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, orthopedics, and behavioral medicine.

A PA's education does not stop after graduation; all PAs are required to take ongoing continuing medical education classes and be retested on their clinical knowledge and skills on a regular basis in order to maintain certification.

For more information on Physician Assistants, please visit the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) website at

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Program Faculty & Staff

Christopher Aul, Medical Director for the Physician Assistant Program

Christopher Aul, M.D.

Medical Director, PA Program
(910) 630-7495
Christina Beard, Director, Physician Assistant Program

Christina Beard, M.P.A.S., P.A.-C.

Director, Physician Assistant Program
(910) 630-7215
Christina Dobie, Administrative Assistant, PA Program

Christina Dobie

Administrative Assistant, PA Program
(910) 630-7628
Susan Greer Fisher, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Susan Greer Fisher, D.S., P.A.-C.

PA Program Clinical Coordinator
(910) 630-7426
William Greenwood, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

William Greenwood, M.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
(910) 630-7427
Lynn McCandless, Physician Assistant Program Clinical Coordinator

Lynn McCandless

PA Program Clinical Coordinator
(910) 630-7475
Jennifer Mish, Director for Physician Assistant Admissions and Administration

Jennifer Mish

Director, PA Program Admissions & Administration
(910) 630-7615
Deborah Morris, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Deborah Morris, M.D., P.A.-C.

Academic Coordinator, PA Program
(910) 630-7583
Lisa Huggins Oxendine, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Lisa Huggins Oxendine, Dr.P.H., P.A.-C.

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
(910) 480-8525
Ian Ward, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Ian Ward, M.M.S., P.A.-C.

Director, PA Program Assessment & Evaluation
(910) 630-7219

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