Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes (perception, emotion, and cognition), and the application of the knowledge acquired to the resolution of personal and social problems. For students seeking either a B.A. or B.S., the Department of Psychology offers a major in psychology with an optional applied concentration in either human performance or counseling/clinical psychology.

A major in psychology is an excellent choice for some students. Some students majoring in a different area who have the ability to complete two majors may wish to major in psychology as well. Given its nature, it complements many other academic areas.


The Psychology Department seeks to develop students who understand the psychological functioning of themselves and others, know how psychology is applied to enhance human life, know the ways knowledge (especially scientific knowledge) is acquired, and are prepared to enter graduate school or the workforce. The Psychology Department supports the mission of the university, with particular emphasis on providing an education grounded in the liberal arts tradition and developing whole persons who will make substantial contributions.


  1. Students will acquire a significant understanding of their psychological functioning (perceiving, feeling, thinking, and behaving) and its development and that of others.
  2. Students will acquire significant knowledge of the application of psychology to the enhancement of human life.
  3. Students will acquire significant knowledge of different approaches to attaining knowledge, with an emphasis on the scientific approach.
  4. Students who major in psychology will be prepared for entrance into a graduate program in psychology or an entry-level job related to the provision of psychological services in which a baccalaureate degree in psychology is a requirement or an alternative requirement.

Requirements for the major in Psychology

44 s.h., to include PHI 2120, PSY 1010, 2500, 3550, and 4850, and any four courses from the set of PSY 2040, 3400, 3610, 3700, 3950, 4050, and 4310, and 16 s.h. of Psychology electives

Requirements for the minor

15 s.h., to include PSY 1010

Program Faculty & Staff

Dr. John Campbell

Professor of Psychology
(910) 630-7069
Mark Kline, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Mark Kline

Chair, Psychology
(910) 480-8470
Don Lassiter, Vice President for Planning & Evaluation

Donald L. Lassiter

Vice President for Planning & Evaluation
(910) 630-7081

Dr. Katharine Snyder

Professor of Psychology
(910) 630-7535

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