Religion courses at MU develop a deeper understanding of the “big questions” that occur at the limits of human experience. Coursework in religion is valuable in three respects: (1) it broadens your intellectual horizons and can be spiritually fulfilling; (2) this program trains you in research, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning, which are all skills desired by employers today, no matter the industry; (3) if your goal is a career in ministry or graduate study of religion, this major gives you the required foundation in theory, method, and tradition required for further study.

Many of our courses are designed to explore the complex relationship between God, faith, and the world. We also offer courses in ancient Greek, medical and business ethics, and logic. We welcome traditional students, nontraditional students, members of the greater Fayetteville community, and anyone who would like to audit a course just for fun. We also offer classes online for those interested in distance learning.

Requirements for the major in Religion

A major in Religion requires the completion of 6 s.h. of textual studies (REL 2010 and 2020); 6 s.h. of world traditions (REL 1500, 1510, or HIS 3050); 6 s.h. of church history (REL 4050, 4060, or 3520); and 18 s.h. of additional religion courses. PHI 3010 and 3300 may be treated as religion courses for purposes of the religion major. REL 1040 will not count toward the religion major, nor will philosophy courses other than PHI 3010 and 3300. Religion majors must also take 4 semesters (12-16 s.h.) of foreign language classes. Two of those semesters must be taken continuously in the same language. Students planning on attending divinity school are encouraged to take Greek and/or Hebrew, if available.

Requirements for the minor in Religion

15 s.h., including 6 s.h. of upper-division courses

Program Faculty & Staff

Steven Brey, Associate Professor of Religion

Dr. Steven Brey

Associate Professor of Religion
(910) 630-7090
Dr. Kevin Hoffman, Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religion

Dr. Kevin Hoffman

Chair, Philosophy & Religion
(910) 480-8530
J. R. Hustwit, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

Dr. J. R. Hustwit

Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
(910) 630-7514
Michael Potts, Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Michael Potts

Professor of Philosophy
(910) 630-7072
Skip Walker, Adjunct Instructor of Religion

Skip Walker

Adjunct Instructor of Religion
Richard Walsh, Professor of Religion

Dr. Richard Walsh

Co-Director, Honors Program
(910) 630-7077

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