Residency Licensure Program

Residency Licensure Program Requirements

Persons with an approved baccalaureate degree wishing to obtain North Carolina teaching licensure through Methodist University must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university or college.
  • Are currently employed or are seeking employment in a local school system

Note: Candidates may enroll in courses associated with the residency licensure but a residency license cannot be issued until employment occurs.

The residency licensure program is designed for working teachers to complete in one year. However, candidates will have up to three years to complete the residency program.

The program consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours focused on pedagogical practices needed for successful teaching.

Note: Transcripts will be reviewed for each candidate. In some cases, additional course work may be recommended or required based on this review. Candidates will be notified of any additional course requirements as part of their individual prescribed plan of study.

Course Requirements

The following courses are included in the residency licensure program:

Common to all licensure areas:

  • PXS 6300 Advanced Behavior Management (3)
  • PXS 6600 Student Teaching (3)
  • EDU 6620 Special Education: Legal, Ethical, & Historical Perspectives (3)

Licensure specific courses:


  • Methods Course – EDU 3550 (4)
  • EDU 3560 (3) or EDU 6720 (3)
  • MAT 2060 (3) or 1060 (3)

Special Education

  • Methods – SPE 4010 (3) or EDU 6640 (3)
  • EDU 3560 (3) or EDU 6720 (3)
  • SPE 2600 (3) or EDU 6630 (3)

Middle Grades

  • Middle Grades Methods – EDU 4470 (3)
  • EDU 3300 (3)
  • EDU 4200 (3) or EDU 6730 (3)

Secondary Education

  • Teaching Methods for Secondary Subject areas (based on licensure area)
  • EDU 4110: Secondary English (9-12) (3)
  • EDU 4120: Secondary Social Studies (9-12) (3)
  • EDU/MAT 4145: Mathematics (9-12) (3)
  • EDU 4150: Science (9-12) (3)
  • EDU 3300 (3)
  • EDU 4200 (3) or EDU 6730 (3)

Physical Education & Health Education

  • EDU 4130 Physical Education and Health Education Methods (3)
  • PXS 2090 (3) or PXS 3400 (3)
  • PXS 4050 (3)

Art Education

  • EDU 4170 - K-12 Art Methods (3)
  • EDU 3300 (3)
  • ART 3620 (3)

Music Education

  • An individualized plan of instruction will be developed for music education majors based on a review of their transcripts.


PXS 6300 Advanced Behavior Management Techniques (3 s.h.)

This course presents concepts and strategies that have been found to be effective (even when working with individuals who exhibit extreme behavioral problems) in creating productive classroom learning environments. Assignments are designed to help develop strategies to be used in classroom settings. Topics include: establishing classroom rules and expectations, classroom organization and operation, supporting appropriate student behavior, understanding of cultural and religious differences, positive behavior management, and promoting student independence and intrinsic motivation

PXS 6600/EDU 6900 Student, Teaching, and Program Evaluation (3 s.h.)

This course is designed to explore the student, teaching and program evaluation process to improve instruction and most importantly student achievement. This course focuses specifically on the evaluating all facets of the achievement based curriculum process and will lead to effective implementation of developmentally appropriate pedagogy. This course is aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study.

EDU 6620 Special Education: Legal, Ethical, And Historical Perspectives (3 s.h.)

Candidates will examine the historical perspectives of special education and its classifications, philosophical and theoretical foundations, legal ramifications, and current trends and issues. Examination of ethical issues will include placement, transition, and behavior management. Family involvement, cultural diversity and collaboration will also be explored.

Program Faculty & Staff

Beth Carter, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Beth Carter

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(910) 630-7425
Patricia Fecher, Director of Field Experience & Student Teaching

Patricia Fecher

Instructor of Education
(910) 630-7374
Maryanne Hickson, Administrative Assistant, Education & M.Ed.

Maryanne Hickson

Administrative Assistant, Education & M.Ed.
(910) 630-7057
Tina Miller, Director of Extended Learning

Tina Miller

Director, Extended Learning
(910) 630-7171
Gregory Stewart, Assistant Professor of Physical Education & Exercise Science

Dr. Gregory Stewart

Director, Master of Education Program
(910) 482-5402

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