Sociology challenges students to move beyond stereotypical and taken for granted assumptions that are deeply embedded in our daily lives to be able to think analytically and critically about the nature of social life. This means learning how to avoid the trap of drawing simplistic conclusions, resisting commonsensical shallow thinking, and overcoming pervasive ethnocentric visions of the world.

We will foster the development of critical and creative thinking by analytically dissecting and exploring complex situations and social interactions at different geographical and temporal scales. Thus, we toggle between face-to-face interaction and global relations and compare contemporary social dynamics with long-term historical trends.

We aim to cultivate passion, encourage curiosity, and stimulate creative energies to learn and reflect on the past, understand the present, and contemplate the prospects for our collective future. This will be accomplished by fostering the critical and creative thinking skills necessary to meet the fast changing, local and global challenges of our time.

We are exploring social life today to shape what is coming tomorrow!


  1. Sociology majors will demonstrate mastery of skills to critically evaluate research findings.
  2. Sociology majors will conduct original research by collecting data and producing a research report.
  3. Sociology majors will demonstrate skillful application and communication of sociological concepts and theories.
  4. Sociology majors will apply a global perspective to every aspect of social life.

Requirements for the major in Sociology

42 s.h.—Core courses: SOC 1510, 2530, 3320, 4200 or 4310, and 4500; Statistics (SOC 2200, PSY 2500, MAT 2200 or ECO 2160); plus 24 additional s.h. in Sociology. HIS 2170 and HIS 3820 may be counted as elective s.h. towards the major in Sociology. All students must receive a grade of C or higher in all core courses taken in the Sociology major. All students pursuing the B.A. in Sociology must complete foreign language courses in one language through the 2020-level or demonstrate competence. All students completing the B.S. in Sociology must complete an additional 6 s.h. (2 courses) in a social science other than sociology (ECO, PSY, PSC).

Requirements for the minor in Sociology

18 s.h. in Sociology, including SOC 1510

Requirements for the A.A. concentration in Sociology

18 s.h. in Sociology, including SOC 1510

Program Faculty & Staff

David Rogoff, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. David Rogoff

Assistant Professor of Sociology
(910) 482-4190
Regina Smardon, Chair, Department of Sociology

Dr. Regina Smardon

Associate Professor of Sociology
(910) 630-7088

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