TESL Certificate/Add-On Licensure

TESL Certificate

The Department of Modern Languages and Literature, in cooperation with the Department of Education, offers a program of four courses designed to acquaint the student to language study and an understanding of the process of learning another language along with effective methods and skills needed to assist speakers of other languages in their learning English. A certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language will be awarded the candidates who have completed this program and have at least 60 semester hours of college level credit.

The required courses (offered at least once a year) are as follows: LAN 3200 Introduction to Linguistics, 3 s.h.; LAN 3300 Second Language Acquisition, 3 s.h.; EDU 4160 Teaching Methods for Foreign Languages and TESL, 3 s.h.; OCL 3600 Intercultural Communication, 3 s.h. These courses, considered electives with any major or minor, may be taken in any sequence. Upon successful completion of the entire sequence of 12 s.h., the Department of Modern Languages and Literature will award the official certificate; however; there will be no record of this program on the student’s transcript.

This certificate will serve many purposes. Interested students should discuss this program with the TESL coordinator.

ESL Add-On Licensure

With careful planning and additional courses, a Teacher Education Candidate admitted to Teacher Education can also earn a second license. An add-on license exists in the areas of Academically and Intellectually Gifted (K-12) and English as a Second Language. Teachers holding a current North Carolina Continuing License or Initial License (active employment) may enroll in the program by discussing their program requirements with the appropriate Add-on License Coordinator, who will then complete an IEP. If approved, the teacher must submit a copy of their current certificate, official transcript, and agree that all courses listed on the IEP will be taken at Methodist University.

Requirements for the English as a Second Language Add-on License

A Teacher Candidate who wishes to add English as a Second Language (ESL) to the existing or proposed initial licensure must meet the following requirements:

  1. Conference with and consent of TESL program coordinator.
  2. Additional requirements: LAN 3200, 3300, EDU 4160, OCL 3600

TESL Certificate Courses

(GP) indicates that this course satisfies the Global Perspective Elective requirement in the General Education core.


(GP) The primary purpose of the course is to provide a framework for the formal study of language. As language is one of the most basic of human abilities and activities, the study of language overlaps with many other disciplines and areas of human interaction. The course includes general introductions to the fields of morphology, syntax, semantics, phonology, historical and comparative linguistics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics.


This course will provide the student with an in-depth study of both theoretical issues in second language acquisition and the practical application of theories in the ESL or Foreign Language classroom. Included will be an overview of the historically important and current theoretical models of second language acquisition. In addition, the course will cover affective and socio-cultural factors in language learning, contrastive analysis, and error analysis.


This course will focus on a broad range of pedagogical methods for anyone teaching a foreign language or ESL. Attention will be given to the foundational theories that build to the methods and materials chosen in teaching foreign languages.


(GP) This course examines the complex relationship between communication and culture including major domains such as recognition of cross-cultural dynamics, broadening of cultural experiences, cultural sensitizing, and skill building for effective communication with people of diverse cultures as well as a variety of sub-cultural groups in the United States. Attention is also given to the formation of one’s worldview. Prerequisites are OCL 1510 or permission of instructor. This course is offered as needed.

Program Faculty & Staff

Dr. Cristina Francescon, Director, Center for Global Education

Dr. Cristina Francescon

Professor of Modern Languages
(910) 630-7082
Dr. Javier Pabón, Chair, Modern Languages & Literature

Dr. Javier Pabón

Chair, Modern Languages & Literature
(910) 630-7073
Scott Michael Stouch, Instructor of English as a Second Language

Scott Michael Stouch

Instructor of English as a Second Language
(910) 630-7361

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