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2015 Loyalty Day

All proceeds benefit the Loyalty Day Scholarship Fund

  • Loyalty Day is Tuesday, February 24, 2015.
  • For more information contact Alyson Fellers at (910) 630-7169.
  • To make a Loyalty Day donation, click here.

Dear Friends,

I am honored to serve as the 2015 Chairperson of Methodist University's annual Loyalty Day fund drive for student scholarships.

As a lifelong member of the United Methodist Church, I grew up knowing about Methodist University as a key component of the Church's North Carolina Conference. Annual events were held at the University in support of the Church's ministry.

Moving to Fayetteville 13 years ago, my understanding and interest in Methodist University took a new path. I gained an appreciation for the cultural and educational attributes Methodist brings to the area. From a banker's perspective, the economics became readily apparent. The University delivers a powerful punch to our economy through employment, spending with local businesses, and the education of men and women who become valued employees, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Very few places can claim institutions like Methodist University as a part of their community. Our charge is to understand and perpetuate this value through ongoing support.

Loyalty Day represents a key pursuit where the local community can engage in direct support of Methodist University's mission. In February of each year, requests are made for financial contributions to the University, with all funds raised to support student scholarships. This is a major impact effort, as 95% of the student body receives financial aid. Without your help, many students striving to achieve life's dreams and aspirations would find it impossible to attend Methodist University.

Our financial commitment for a strong student body supports Methodist University continually growing as a cultural, educational and economic jewel in the community. This is why I support Methodist University and why I am requesting you to give generously to Loyalty Day 2015. Your gift makes a difference!


Timothy S. Richardson
Area Vice President, First Citizens Bank

“As I reflect on my career, I am extremely thankful for the education and encouragement I received at Methodist College. My undergraduate degree provided an essential foundation for the myriad of personal and professional challenges I have encountered.”

John W. Handy '66
General, USAF, Retired
Commander, United States Transportation Command Commander, Air Mobility Command
Trustee, Methodist University

“I have grown to realize the substantial value of my education at Methodist College. Small classes afforded me great access to my professors, who had a genuine concern for both my academic and personal growth. The business courses were intriguing, thought-provoking and current in their thought.”

Earl Leake ’73
Retired Vice President of Human Resources, Lance, Inc., Charlotte, NC
Trustee, Methodist University

“Methodist College provided an excellent Liberal Arts education that has served me well in both the military and commercial realms. Above all, it gave me the ability to think critically and to communicate effectively.”

James M. Link ’66
President of Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama
Previously served in the US Army for 34 years achieving the rank of Lieutenant General.

“The small, supportive environment and liberal arts focus of Methodist College prepared me to become a productive citizen. The strong academic background, and the preparation that I had in my major enabled me to be successful in the classroom right from the start, and as I went on to graduate school.”

Dr. William C. Harrison ’74
CEO, NC Department of Public Instruction, Fayetteville, NC

"As we travel through life we make pathway choices that affect our future. It was a real joy to advise two of my daughters to follow my path to Methodist College, so they too may benefit from some of the same educational and life experiences that I was afforded."

Lee Warren '75
Register of Deeds, Cumberland County

"I had no idea when I was at MC what my career would be but higher education was certainly not on my radar screen at that time. At MC, I learned how to think, how to learn and gained confidence (in Dr. Ott's chemistry course among others!) that I could learn anything if I worked hard enough. I will always be grateful to the MC faculty, staff, administrators, and donors for providing me this transforming experience that has served me so well in my academic life and career in higher education."

Dr. James K. Weeks ’68
Dean, Bryan School of Business, University of North Carolina Greensboro.

“I credit much of my success as a professional golfer to the time I spent at Methodist College. Although a Division III school, Methodist’s golf facilities rivaled and sometimes surpassed those of Division I schools. The PGM program gave me the opportunity to participate in premier tournaments, live in a central location close to many great courses and enjoy one-on-one attention from professors, advisors and coaches. The small school and family environment created an atmosphere allowing students to look out for each other and establish lifelong friendships. The friendships and connections I made through the PGM program have benefited me both personally and professionally. One of the most comforting things to see when I am on tour is the familiar faces of my Methodist College friends.”

Kelly Cap ’95
Professional Golfer, LPGA Tour
Methodist University Hall of Fame Inductee

"I fell in love with Methodist College from the very first day! Somehow, I knew that this beautiful campus was a place where I would be gently nurtured and aggressively challenged . . . in equal measure. I knew that this distinguished community of scholars and students would provide invaluable tools to build a successful career. Most importantly, I knew instinctively that I would find faith and friendships at Methodist that would enrich my life beyond scope. My Methodist College experience has done all those things for me--I am honored to be among its family of alumni."

Gwen Holtsclaw ‘68
President, Cheer Ltd., Fayetteville, NC
Owner, Scrub Oaks, Fayetteville, NC