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Art with Teacher Licensure (B.A.)

Teaching a fascination and a capacity for art within children of kindergarten through 12th grade is an admirable profession. The kids are engaged in creativity during these early years and may consider future artistic careers and studies.

Fundamental skills of composition, contrast, color theory, texture, and more are taught within this program at Methodist. More importantly, the methods of teaching these skills to students of many age levels are developed within our graduates. In our Teacher Licensure in Art program, you will learn the ways of creating unique, educational, and exciting projects your own "budding artists" will enjoy. At the same time, courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture will encourage your own talents—as you should always be able to "practice what you teach."

Required courses: After declaring this major, the student must apply in writing to the art and the education departments. The following entrance requirements must be met before the student is accepted into the block courses: 46 semester hours - (1) ART 101, 102, 151, 203, 205, 207 or 215, 300, 301, 309 or 310, 353 or 354, 362, and 401, plus a minimum of 9 hours of studio courses in a specific area of concentration arranged by the art faculty and the student; (2) Satisfactory scores on the Praxis Series PPST exams in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. (NTE Core Battery I and II will be accepted if taken before July, 1995); Education Field Experience (142, 242, 342); EDU 250, 251, 300, 320, 350, 406, 407, 417 and 421; and SPE 255.

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