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Methodist University is a Military Friendly Employer

Faculty and Staff Military Affiliations:

  • Magda Baggett, Director of Study Abroad Programs - Spouse of Col (ret) David L. Baggett, US Army Field Artillery. Mother of LTC Terry L. Baggett, US Marines
  • Allison Bennett, Assistant Director, Writing Center- Spouse of Sgt Nick Bennett, Army Recruiter
  • Joan Bitterman, Professor of French and German- Spouse of Col Keith Morrison currently on active duty
  • Deb Branson, Assistant Professor of Environmental Management, US Navy, 23 years as a Naval Aviator
  • Jasmin Brown, Associate Dean and Registrar- Spouse of SFC Lloyd Gordon Brown, US Army Retired
  • Josie Brown, Adjunct Professor of Sociology- US Army retired, 4 years active duty, 23 years reserve
  • Maria Brunson, Director of Communications and Publications- daughter of MSgt. Mark Robins, USAF (ret.)
  • Darl Champion, Director, Master of Justice Administration Program and Director of the Center for Excellence in Justice Administration- U.S. Army 1970-1975, 82nd Airborne Division and U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division
  • Gregory Combs, Director, Sport Management Program- US Army Veteran, Special Operations and Aviation. As a private business owner, proud sponsor of military personnel and family members
  • Robin Davenport, Vice President for Institutional Advancement- daughter of Robert D. Patterson, MSG (ret.) US Army
  • Frank DeVico, Director of hvac/r and electrical- US Army, Military Police
  • Carl Douglas, Lieutenant of Public Safety- US Army
  • Margaret Folsom, Professor of Biology- Sister of James A. Davis, USAF 1976- 1980
  • Mike Harrison, Director of Monarch Press- US Army Retired
  • M. Elton Hendricks, President Emeritus- US Navy Veteran, 1957- 1961, Naval Flight Officer
  • Jennifer Hoenig, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training- daughter of MSgt. John T. Hoenig, USAF (retired); sister of SSgt Christopher Hoenig, USMC (active duty)
  • Terry C. House, Assistant Professor of Computer Science- Retired US Army (1983-2004), Special Forces Green Beret, specialized in the Middle East, with assignments to 5th Group, Civil Affairs, and 3rd Group.
  • Rick Lowe, Vice President for Enrollment Services- Father, James Lowe - U.S. Army / Master Sergeant (ret.); Brother, James Lowe Jr. - U.S. Air Force / Senior Master Sergeant (ret.)
  • Tom Marthers, Network Manager- US Army Retired 1SG 21 years active duty, BN and BDG Fire Support Sergeant
  • Yvonne Nolan, Associate Professor of Education, Education Department Chair- Spouse of CW5 David Nolan, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade BAMO.
  • Teresa B. Nunez, Security Dispatcher- US Army Veteran
  • David Pauly, Coordinator Forensic Studies- US Army Retired, 22 years of service as a Special Agent in Charge, Commander, and Forensic Science Officer at Fort Bragg for the Criminal Investigation Division
  • Gregory E. Perkins, Adjunct Professor- Department of Social Work- US Army Retried 1SG, 229th Aviation Regiment
  • Yasmin Rivera, Director at Fort Bragg- Wife of Sgt. Michael Rivera, active duty, 82nd Sustainment Brigade.
  • Ronald Simpson, Head Softball Coach, Assistant Professor of Sports Management- USAF Lt Col (ret.), 26 years active duty- Squadron Commander, Missile Officer, Paralegal
  • Randy Smith, Director of Veterans Services- US Army Retired
  • Paula Stackhouse-Leonard, Assistant Loan Coordinator, spouse of US Army Retired Tommy C. Leonard
  • Harriet Stevenson, Career Services Coordinator- Aunt of Logan R. Burgess, US Army active duty from 2004- 2009
  • Michael Sullivan, Professor, Co- Director of the Health Care Administration Program. US Army retired
  • Gina M. Thornton, Assistant Controller- Sister of SFC Charles Edward Thornton and daughter of Charles Ernest Thornton, US Army
  • Bill Watt, Professor of Speech Communication, Director of Organizational Communication and Leadership- Vietnam Veteran 1971- 1974, US Army Nuclear Weapons Specialist
  • Cliff Wells, Reeves Auditorium Manager, U.S. Army veteran, Ssg.E-6, 1970-1978
  • Donna Wilson, Methodist University Director of Campus Ministry Programs and Administrative Services- USAF Veteran
    Served Active Duty, overseas, in the United States Air Force in Intelligence and Combat Communications.
  • Paul Wilson, Chair and Technical Director, Deptartment of Theatre. Father served in the Army Air Forces during World War II as a Personnel Officer. Dr. Wilson's hobbies include military history. He is currently working on a project involving the cataloging/photographing of the grave markers of all WWI casualties buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Emily Wright, School of Arts & Humanities Dean- Daughter of Madison C. Wright II, served in Judge Advocate Generals Corp of the US Army
  • Leland Young, Assistant Professor of Military Science (Army ROTC), LTC, US Army (ret.)
  • Andrew Ziegler, Chair, Department of Government Studies, and Director, Tally Center for Leadership Development - Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry, US Army (retired)
  • Katie Zybeck, Systems/ Reference Librarian- Daughter of Dean Stottlemyer, US Navy retired