Bullard-Templeton Lecture Series

Bullard-Templeton Lecture Series

This series, originally begun in 2000 under a Templeton grant, was renamed in 2006 after A. Howard Bullard, Jr. and Marta Bullard. Their generosity has helped establish an endowment at Methodist University that funds this ongoing annual lecture series. These lectures are offered to the Methodist University and larger Cumberland County communities and is designed to explore the relationship between science and religion.

Recent Lectures

  • 2018: “Ten Reasons Why the Science-Theology Dialogue Really Matters” by Thomas J. Oord
  • 2018: "So We Changed the Climate: What’s Happening and How Religious People Can Help" by Philip Clayton
  • 2017: "The Origin of Life and Evolution: Must Science and Religion Disagree?" by Lawrence Principe
  • 2016: "God and 'Big Bang' Cosmology: Scientific Evidence for the Existence of a Creator" by Leslie Wickman
  • 2015: "The Science-Religion Debate: Past, Present, and Future, Myths and Realities" by Lawrence Principe
  • 2014: "Modern Cosmology and the Problem of Ultimate Origin" by Mark Whittle
  • 2013: "Darwin and God: What Is The Problem?" by John Haught
  • 2012: "Are We Alone in the Cosmos?" by Owen Gingerich
  • 2011: "Cosmology: Science and Theology in Creative Mutual Interaction" by Robert Russell
  • 2010: "The Battle over Evolution: Who's Fighting Whom About What?" by Ted Peters
  • 2009: Karl Giberson
  • 2008: "On Space and Spirit: God, Physics, and the Culture Wars" by Margaret Wertheim
  • 2007: "Anti-evolution in America: From Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design" by Ronald Numbers
  • 2006: "The Beginning and End of the Universe" by William Lane Craig
  • 2005: "Galileo Still Haunts the Church" by George Coyne
  • 2003: "Has Science Discovered God?" by Michael Corey
  • 2002: "Creation and Evolution in America: From Natural Selection to Intelligent Design" by Ronald Numbers
  • 2001: "God and Physics: A Brief History" by Margaret Wertheim
  • 2000: "When the Sacred Cows of Religion and Science Meet" by George Coyne

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