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Rules and Guidelines for Student Employment

  1. If at any time a student is terminated from student employment due to unacceptable behavior, the work study privilege is null and void for the remainder of the academic year.
  2. Under no circumstance is a student allowed to begin work for wages prior to the completion of the total contract process.
  3. All student work will be completed "on-site." On-site does not mean in a residence room, at home, or away from the University. On-site means at the work site assigned.
  4. Students are expected to use the automated time-clocks or PC timekeeping any time they come into or leave work. Any time a student misses a punch he/she should use the time-clock system the next time they come in or leave work. The timekeeping program will not punch the student in or out incorrectly, nor will it keep the student "on" the clock overnight.
  5. Corrections to the student time-sheets are made on a bi-weekly basis. Should the supervisor have knowledge, or be of the opinion that hours recorded were not worked by the student, he/she has the right and responsibility to delete questionable punches. The supervisor will approve and submit time worked to the payroll office by the Friday after the pay period ends. When or if the time is not approved by the supervisor the students pay will be delayed until the next scheduled pay date. Disciplinary action may be taken for the supervisor and/or student employee.
  6. The Payroll Office Staff will audit time to determine if University policy and legal regulations have been met. If there is questionable time-data reported, the Payroll Office Staff will consult the S.E.C. and make the appropriate changes to the punch sheet. The student and his/her supervisor have the right to question and appeal any decision made by the Payroll Office Staff. Corrections and/or adjustments to time-data will be reflected on the appropriate payroll processed after a final decision has been rendered.
  7. Students and supervisors should be aware that it is illegal to alter, report and/or intentionally record fraudulent pay data for any employee. No employee may ever punch the time-clock for another employee or use the PC timekeeping system to clock for another employee. Any and all persons involved in such fraudulent activity are subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment. Students are subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the University.

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