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Economic Outlook & Stock Market Symposium

40th Annual Economic Outlook and Stock Market Symposium
6:30 p.m. | Nov. 14 | Embassy Suites
with keynote speaker MARK ZINDER
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About the Speaker

Mark Zinder is a seasoned financial professional and keynote speaker with a unique gift for making the complicated clear as he examines the trends and ideas actively reshaping business today.

Mark came to the financial industry 29 years ago. He began his career as an investment advisor with Dean Witter. Supported by his strength and experience in communications, he quickly gained acclaim for his public seminars and became recognized by the community as a powerful and entertaining speaker.

By 1993, Mark was a new hire at Franklin Templeton Investments, and it wasn't long before his speaking skills caught the attention of management. They named him Senior Vice President and National Spokesman. His job was to sit down with Sir John Templeton, Dr. Mark Mobius, and Michael Price, listen to their stories, and then travel the world speaking on their behalf.

It was a golden opportunity that gave Mark the privilege to become Sir John Templeton's spokesman, an experience Mark credits with developing his understanding of the financial markets and the perspectives of investors. In 2004, Mark started his own firm, Mark Zinder and Associates.

For more than sixteen years Mark has traveled the country and the world as a speaker, trainer, writer, and coach to investment advisors and wholesalers for major investment firms. His unique style instantly brings audiences to attention, and his memorable stories help them understand and retain valuable lessons about market history, investor behavior, and financial trends.

For more information or sponsorship information, contact Marty Cayton at (910) 630-7616.