MU Chorale CDs

MU Chorale CDs


"Legacy" by the MU ChoraleThe MU Chorale announces the 2017 release of their new CD "Legacy.” The recording is the culmination of two years of music and selecting the best material from those concerts. In general, the recording is dedicated to the choral alumni that paved the way for the program to exist today. However, two songs carry special dedications to Jane Gardiner, past music department chair and Associate VP for Academic Affairs, and to Karen Allen, a strong supporter of the group, the arts, and a devoted mother to Mary Allen, a soprano in our group. The proceeds from the sale of "Legacy," and their first CD, "Yuletide Keepsake," will go to support the group's tour of Italy in March of 2018. The Chorale needs to raise $50,000, so they hope that people will buy the CD knowing that they are supporting a great legacy of music at Methodist University.

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A Yuletide Keepsake

"A Yuletide Keepsake" by the MU ChoraleIn 2011, after a request from President Hancock, the Chorale organized material to present the group’s very first CD, “A Yuletide Keepsake.” Dr. Hancock, being an avid fan of the Christmas season, asked the Chorale to create an offering for the holiday season. Between the Yuletide Feaste material and songs from the spring concert, a recording was made and presented to our MU community.

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The CD cover art was conceived and/or created by Aaron Casteel, a proud alumnus of the MU Chorale. Of course, both CDs contain our school’s beloved Alma Mater, by Lois Lambie.

Every song has a story and was thoughtfully chosen. We hope that you will enjoy these musical offerings as much as it was a privilege to sing them for you.


  • Legacy - $15
  • A Yuletide Keepsake - $10
  • Legacy and Keepsake - $20

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  • "Legacy" is offered for sale online by the MU Bookstore. Visit the page to order the CD.

By check:

  • Make checks payable to:  MU CHORALE
  • Indicate the number of copies you would like, via a typed note or in the memo section of your check.
  • Please include $2 for shipping and handling.
  • All costs include a 7% NC sale tax.

Mail payment to:

Dr. Michael Martin
c/o Methodist University
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, N.C. 28311-1498

 Pursuant to Methodist University policy, returned checks are subjected to a $25 fee.


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