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TV/Multimedia Facilities

Communications technology has advanced significantly within the past decade and the Methodist University Communications Department prides itself on remaining current. We have seen the age of magnetic video tape come to an end and we have seen the physical become the virtual.

Computer-based video equipment has made incredible things possible, and things are now possible that weren't just a few years ago. We provide both HD and standard video cameras, all of which record digitally and are ideal for computer-based editing. These include both Cannon and Sony cameras all of which are available to the students at all times. We also provide quality tripods and lighting equipment and many specialized items as well, such as a Glidecam and a portable camera crane. We also provide high quality digital still cameras.

Our editing room consists of two main workstations, each with a video storage capacity of roughly 4 terabytes. We offer both Newtek VT5 editing software (Now better known as the Tricaster) and Adobe Premiere. Both systems have ergonomically designed display systems and are integrated into the studio as a whole. Both systems are equiped with After Effects and other software for video manipulation and high quality graphics production. We have 10 workstations capable of creating 3-D graphics and animation using Lightwave 3D.

Both in studio and on-location, we are capable of setting up live video recording using multiple cameras. Our Tricaster can be setup within minutes and creates outstanging quality. Cameras used in studio shoots are equiped with rear controls and comfortable viewfinders. We regularly shoot live events on campus with the cooperation of other departments.

As you well know, VHS tapes have gone by the wayside and deservedly so. The future is in producing interactive video experiences. Our students, using the latest in computer technology, can produce their own high quality DVD and Blu-Ray programs complete with special features, alternate audio tracks, subtitles, and complex menu-graphics. This is truly a great skill to have, and our facilities are set up to teach it effectively. Beyond this, we also regularly publish on the Internet and can create complex interactive video presentations online

Students learning desktop publishing and webpage design enjoy a 20 seat computer lab with up-to-date software, which includes Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, DreamWeaver and Flash. We print in high resolution in full color and can create any kind of print product imaginable. We also produce 3-D graphics that can be used in video, print, and on the Internet. We also have an arrangement with the Environmental Simulation Lab and can provide 3-D graphics for a true VR simulation and can showcase student work in a true 3-D environment.


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