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Careers in Journalism

Journalism students can find employment in any number of different areas, many of which are just beginning to appear. Our students find work in print, on the radio, and on television. Journalistic principles apply to many jobs that might not appear directly related as well. Public relations careers often involve a thorough understanding of journalistic principles and how to manage media contacts. Other students may find work in research and copy righting. The potential is as limitless as the field of journalism itself.

Print Journalism
Even with the rise of the Internet and other digital delivery systems, there is still a thriving print journalism industry in this country. This includes local and national newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and many others. New journalists are always being trained and opportunities will continue to exist.

TV and Radio news
Here at MU we are in an excellent position to train students in the areas of TV and radio broacasting with our own dedicated programs. Our radio program has limitless opportunities for journalistic practice and students can conceivably create their own regular programing. The same applies to our regular television broadcast, Monarch Moments. With all of the electronic news outlets, there are plenty of new opportunities to apply this age-old skill.

MU Radio Schedule