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Journalism Concentration

The Journalism Concentration is intended to prepare students for work in the field of journalism, whether it be in print, on the radio or TV, or on the Internet. The same journalistic principles apply to all.

Our students learn to be great writers and critical thinkers, and many of them have published in local newspapers and other publications.

Our Philosophy Regarding Journalism Projects

Careers in Journalism

Journalism Facilities

Students in the Journalism Concentration enjoy the use of multiple computer labs on campus for the purposes of research and writing. Classes in writing and journalism are generally lab classes and concentrate on writing and research skills on-line. Students also have access to still cameras and video cameras and a variety of television equipment. Radio journalists can create shows directly on our Internet-based radio station

Requirements for Journalism Concentration (21 s.h.):

Journalism Concentration Core (6 s.h.)

COM 107 Introduction to Journalism
COM 353 Desktop Publishing
COM 341 HTML Publishing and Webpage Design

Choose 15 semester hours of the following electives:

COM 255 Journalism Practicum I
COM 256 Journalism Practicum II
COM 303 Basic Television Techniques and Procedures
COM 331 Advertising Production
COM 335 Public Relations
COM 341 HTML Publishing and Webpage Design
COM 353 Desktop Publishing
COM 423 Internship
COM 485 Special Topics in Mass Communication

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