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Monarch Moments

Monarch Moments is a monthly produced televsion program that airs locally in the Fayetteville area every Thursday evening at 10 p.m. on Time Warner Cable Channel 7. It is a great opportunity for students to produce their own professional video projects that are seen and do make a difference. Our program is also broadcast on Youtube and is available from our website. Opportunities to produce for Monarch Moments abound and they will only expand.

Our Producers
Joyce Johnson and Lorenzo McKenzie are currently managing Monarch Moments. Every month they plan the stories that will be featured on the program, which can include live events, interviews and interview type shows, or packaged news segments shot on location. The format of Monarch moments is changing as new ideas emerge. As this happens there is much more room for new talent. Won't you consider joining us?

On-Air Talent
Monarch Moments is produced locally on campus and, like every newscast, our audience depends on the personalities and familiar faces to introduce the segments and ask the questions. Our students volunteer to work as anchors and interviewers. They provide the refreshing introductions and wrap-ups to our program and they have fun doing it.

The Monarch Mission
Monarch Moments is intended to provide students at Methodist the opportunity to share their talents and better their skills. They report local news on campus and within the community and often showcase other departments on campus. We intend to be a valuable service not just to the Communication Department, but to the campus as a whole and to represent our interests to the Fayetteville community and beyond.

Click here to see Monarch Moments on our Youtube Channel!

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