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TV/Multimedia Concentration

The TV/Multimedia concentration is tailor-made to prepare students for entry level work in media production in many capacities.

With the computer revolution in full swing, the skills and specific programs used to create television also apply to independent film and even webpage design. Students in this concentration will be expected to learn graphics skills, edit digital video, and master a variety of other skills that will enable them to produce media products.

Students may apply these skills to independent video production, television work on any level, advertising, web page design and web management, and a variety of newer opportunities that are just appearing. These include things like virtual reality development and social media.

Students in this program have full access to our equipment and facilities and are encouraged to produce. Students can and have produced independent films in HD and mastered on Blu-Ray as well as DVD. These films can be premiered in our dedicated HD theaatre in 5.1 Surround Sound. Students are also encouraged to meet with local independent film makers who frequently visit our facilities and offer opportunities for our graduates.

Our Philosophy Regarding TV/Multimedia Projects

TV/Multimedia Facilities

Careers in TV/Multimedia

Requirements for TV/Video/Multimedia Concentration (21 s.h.):

TV/Video/Multimedia Core (6 s.h.)

COM 303 Basic Television Techniques and Procedures
COM 353 Desktop Publishing
COM 341 HTML Publishing and Webpage Design

Choose 15 semester hours of the following Electives:

COM 255 Journalism Practicum I
COM 256 Journalism Practicum II
COM 260 Introduction to Journalism
COM 302 Basic Radio Production
COM 304 Non-Linear Video Editing
COM 305 TV Production
COM 306 Computer Graphics and Animation
COM 321 Non-Broadcast Video Systems
COM 331 Advertising Production
COM 335 Public Relations
COM 341 HTML Publishing and Webpage Design
COM 353 Desktop Publishing
COM 364 Cinema Appreciation
COM 366 Performance for the Camera
COM 406 Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation
COM 423 Internship
COM 441 Advanced Webpage Design
COM 485 Special Topics in Mass Communication

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