Continuing Education

Continuing Education


In accordance with the Methodist University Mission Statement: "The university community seeks to develop whole persons who will contribute substantially and creatively to the professions and to civic life to the end that students may acquire enlightened minds and responsible spirits, as well as a continuing thirst for knowledge to provide educational and cultural services and resources to the community and to prepare students for a variety of careers and educational pursuits."

Our Focus

Continuing Education at Methodist University focuses on the licensed professionals who must update their training and skills and renew their licensure in their professions.

How to Earn CEU Credits and Certificates

Trainers and individuals apply to the CEU program director to verify and certify the successful completion of hours of training and the qualifications of the trainers. After the application is returned, the number of Continuing Education Units allowed is set.

A common example would be 1 CEU for 10 hours of contact. A two day session of 5 hours per day would equal 1 CEU. A two and a half day conference may equal 1.4 CEUs or 1.3 CEUs dictated by the hours of attendance. The application requires a schedule of the sessions offered, titles of sessions and the speaker's qualifications. This information allows us to determine the credits to be awarded. The hours of attendance, evaluations of sessions, collection of fees, qualifications of trainers, # of hours and session titles are recorded at the conference or seminar site by the applicant overseer.

Participants may receive partial CEU's 1.2 or .7 CEU's. They also may list the title of a 2 hours session to receive a certificate for .2 CEU's as verified by the trainer or overseer.

All information is collected at the site and with names and addresses of the participants; evaluations and checks are collected and sent to the Methodist University Continuing Education Program. All monies are deposited into a CEU account and certificates are printed and mailed directly to the participants.

Our participants include teachers, social workers, and a variety of religious denominations, special speaker's forums and seminars, musicians, Oratorio Singers and Bell Ringers and Christmas Choirs.


Methodist University Continuing Education Director: Dr. Jennifer Broome
Methodist University
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311
Office Phone: (910) 630-7060

Instructions for Applying for Continuing Education Units

  1. This request form is to be used by church and other groups for securing prior approval for workshops or activities that are to carry Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Methodist University.
  2. Submit the following along with the request form:
    1. Agenda (Dates, hours, topic)
    2. List of session leaders
    3. Each session's title
  3. Prior to conducting the workshop/activity, the completed request must be mailed to:

    Dr. Jennifer Broome
    Director of Continuing Education
    Methodist University
    5400 Ramsey Street
    Fayetteville, NC 28311

    Activities cannot be advertised for CEU credit until approval has been obtained.
  4. Each session of a workshop/activity will be conducted under the direct supervision and control of the sponsoring agency.

Receiving the Certificates

Certificates for Continuing Education Units will be awarded at the cost of $10.00 per CEU.

After the close of your workshop/activity, request that the certificates be prepared. To do so, submit the following paperwork to Methodist University:

1. Completed summary evaluation
2. Completed class roster
3. Check payable to Methodist University Continuing Education

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jennifer Broome at (910) 630-7060.


1. Please make as many copies of the Participant Evaluation as you need. Ask each participant wishing CEU credits to complete an evaluation. The Participant Evaluations will not be returned to Methodist University

2. Tally the participant evaluation responses on the Evaluation Summary Report. This page will be returned to us.

3. Clearly type or print each recipient's name and mailing address on the CEU Roster. This page will be returned to us.

4. When you are ready to request that Methodist University mail the CEU certificates, please send the following:

The Evaluation Summary Report
The CEU Roster
A check (for $10.00 x each CEU requested)

Mail to:
Dr. Jennifer Broome
Education Department
Methodist University
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311

If you have any questions, please telephone Dr. Broome at (910) 630-7060.


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