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Sexual Assault Information

Counseling, Psychological and Disability Services
in the Center for Personal Development

Pearce Hall
(910) 630-7150

You don't deserve to be subjected to sexual acts against your will. Sexual assault is an act of aggression and a profoundly serious violation of person and community. Legally it is a crime. Sexual assault—and specifically date rape—will be dealt with as a serious violation of campus standards.

Methodist University will not tolerate rape, sexual assault or any form of non-consensual sexual activity.

If rape happens ...

  • Go with your instincts. Depending on the situation you may decide to run, scream, kick, hit or bite.
  • If you believe your life is in danger, it is usually best not to resist.
  • Remember: Every sexual assault situation is different. Don't judge yourself for what you decide to do or not to do.
  • If you are forced to have sex against your will, it is never your fault!!!

If you witness an assault ...

Call Campus Police at (910) 630-7577 at once! If rape occurs off campus, call 911.

After an assault ...

If you have been raped/sexually assaulted click here.

There are people who care and can help. Call Methodist University Police and Public safety at (910) 630-7577. If you are off campus, call 911. Call a counselor at the Center for Personal Development (910-630-7150) or come to the Center for Personal Development in Pearce Residence Hall. Anyone who has been through sexual assault, whether recently or in the distant past, deserves the chance to talk about the awful experience and get help in dealing with the feelings. A victim may be given assistance in changing academic and/or living situations after a sexual assault, if necessary. Get the help you deserve. You may request that an Advocate from Rape Crisis meet you at the hospital and stay with you for support. You may also call Rape Crisis at 910-485-RAPE (7273) or go to