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Success Stories

Our graduates are well-placed after graduation. Some of our recent graduates have chosen to attend graduate schools in computer science, MBA, and education. Some have successfully followed their career paths to become software project managers, software engineers, programmers, IT technicians, and educators. Others have made career advancements after graduation.

Here is what some of our graduates say about our programs:

Information Systems are an integral part of today's business environment. However, software and hardware are only effective when the right programs are employed to deliver information to the right people. Methodist University's Computer Science and Information Systems program teaches you how to study systems and incorporate technology to make the system fully functional, efficient and user-friendly.

I prosper in my field, as a United States Army Officer in the Signal Corps - due mainly to the professional instructions provided by MU's Computer Science department leadership. As a student, I was afforded every opportunity to apply decision making skills coupled with learned technical skills, in a manner that presents information in a usable and understandable way- combining IT techniques with web and Internet skills to make the information accessible. MU's CSC and Information Systems graduates are problem-solvers who design and implement databases, plan for new and modified information systems, can advise on web technology and content, and produce results that move organizations forward. No matter where you go, your degree positions you as a key professional who produces results that enhance organizational performance. "Go Monarchs!"

Reginald Mayberry
Class of 2012
Captain United States Army Signal Corps

I graduated from Methodist University in December 2012 with a Computer Information Technology Degree and a Business Administration Degree with a concentration in Professional Golf Management. I am originally from Hillsborough, New Jersey and I went to Methodist at first solely for Professional Golf Management (PGA); however, after taking a computer class I added a minor in computers. I didn't think it was going to be possible to complete a double major with my commitments to internships and classes. I expressed my interest to both departments about trying to complete a double major. Methodist, being a smaller school, was able to take my classes and work with my professors to get the best schedule so I could complete both programs and complete a 6 month internship. I do not think I could have received this personalization from any other school and this is what makes me even happier that I decided to go to Methodist University. My experience at Methodist helped me to become well organized and how to manage my time wisely. After graduating, I had a job lined up with Club Prophet Systems, a world leader in golf management software. I am currently still employed there and every day I am able to reflect on my schooling and work experience at Methodist to assist me with my job.

Ed Zielonka, Jr.
Class of 2012
Software Engineer, Club Prophet Systems, Springdale PA

At MU I was taught to think for myself, state my opinion, and argue my point. Professors at the CSC department were always very welcoming of new ideas and perspectives. That is something I am most grateful for now that I am the youngest QA lead in my software company. I am never afraid to say what is on my mind and work with my teammates to think outside of the box and find the best solution for any problem.

Maida Elezovic
Class of 2012
Quality Assurance Engineer, Denver, Colorado

The education I received while at Methodist University not only prepared me for a career in the IT field by providing a solid foundation from which to build my knowledge, it gave me confidence in my ability to work with and learn from others. As a non-traditional student, I found the professors to be attuned to the challenges of balancing my work, school, and personal life which helped me to successfully complete the program.

Mary Hupp
Class of 2009
Database Administrator/Systems Programmer, Fayetteville, NC

I graduated from Methodist University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. The concepts and hands-on exercises served me as a foundation to analyze, plan and select the best approach to solve real world challenges in our industry. The direct contact that I perceived from the Computer Science Faculty definitely made a difference in the learning experience. The small classrooms environment led to relevant discussions and suggestions which not only helped me academically but also professionally when communication is required in a team environment to carry out efficient decision making.

Sean Houng
Class of 2007
Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Automation; Eaton Corporation, Raleigh, NC

The foundation the knowledgeable and skillful staff Methodist University's Computer Science program provided me was critical to the success I worked for in the beginning of my career through to today. The fundamental knowledge of Visual Basic and Java I learned in my time at MU greatly helped me in my quick transition to ASP.NET and I still apply the lessons I learned when I'm now quickly picking up SharePoint Development. The methodologies taught to me is still very valuable for my well-respected work with applications for prescription drug companies for crucial studies and critical meetings with the FDA. The knowledge and skills MU provided to me serves as the building blocks from which everything else I've learned since then has been built on. It is those skills MU taught me that have helped me separate myself from the pack and quickly adapt to the ever-changing world of technology. I have been and always will be grateful for everything MU gave me and achievements I have accomplished thanks to their program.

Rob Segal
Class of 2006
Programmer, IT Works, Inc., Raleigh, NC

One of the best attributes about the Computer Science department at Methodist was that I was not just another number in a crowd. The professors were available and interested to get to know me and create a personal relationship. I could always go and ask for advice on any matter. I never had any computer related courses taken prior to MU and I was never uncomfortable to stop by and ask questions. I cherish my experience at MU because it helped me to not only learn about computer science, but also introduced to a kind of leadership which guided me to become a better professional.

Salem Adnan
Class of 2006
Senior Software Engineer, Eaton Corporation, Raleigh, NC.

I will always reflect on my experience at Methodist University with fondness. The instructors were always available, eager to assist and broadened my thought process. While I learned a host of beneficial material in the CIT program, the focus on software development and database design have been especially significant in my career.

David May
Class of 2005
Division Engineering, Automation Manager for Eaton Corporation, Raleign NC

My transition from an evening to a full day time student was made successful by my advisor, Dr. Tat Chan. His guidance, along with the other faculty, made my experience at Methodist University very rewarding. The knowledge I gained from my time spent at Methodist ensured my success and motivated me to strive to achieve even more. Technology changes daily, and with it you have to adapt. I feel as though the faculty in the Computer Science department helped prepare me to continually learn more and challenge myself.

Danny Davidson
Class of 2011
Database Programmer, Firestone