Dartfish LogoDartfish, the world's leading video analysis software, used by many Olympic champions and by over 90% of the USA national governing bodies of sports, is now part of the Methodist University PTM program. In the tennis industry, Dartfish clients include the ITF, USTA, USPTA, LTA, Tennis Australia, Tennis Canada, French Tennis, ITA, and the Bolletierri Academy. PTM students will have the opportunity to become adept in all facets of the software, from on-court skills analysis, to match tagging and publishing on Dartfish.tv. This will open up many internship possibilities (not only in tennis), and in the process, PTM students will earn Dartfish Video Analyst and Tagging certifications.

"We are extremely pleased to start a partnership with Methodist University. Dartfish strives to serve the best in the World and MU PTM is clearly a leader in its field. Together we will offer a global solution that will help train the leaders of tomorrow." - Victor Bergonzoli, CEO Dartfish 

"Dartfish has an excellent application in tennis, proven by some great partnerships with the ITF, USTA, USPTA, ITA, IMG - Bollettieri Academy, and many tennis federations, academies and clubs worldwide.  The modern athlete is demanding the use of technology to help them improve faster.  Methodist PTM graduates will now fill this need by producing tech savvy, skilled modern coaches." - Warren Pretorius, USPTA Master Professional / DCI, Tennis Manager Dartfish

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