Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program help me find a career? 

A student works in the Cyber LabThe demand for college-trained individuals in the Cybercrime field is higher than ever.  Since cyber crime occurs in every industry and cybersecurity professionals are needed for any industry, Methodist University's program will complement any undergraduate degree including but not limited to, Justice Studies, Computer Science, Business Administration, or Accounting, Mathematics, and Education.

Upon completion, students will be prepared to pursue careers in desktop support, technical support specialist, network architecture and design, network administration, system architecture, IT Auditing and Compliance, incident response, digital forensics, penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.

When can I begin my Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity courses?

Students can begin to take courses in the minor as a sophomore.  If a student has no prior knowledge of computers, it is strongly recommended that the student have CSC 1000 Computer Literacy:  Introduction To Computers and Information Technology.

What are the entry level salaries for cybersecurity professionals?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Computer and Information Technology Professionals  such as an Information Security Analyst is expected to be very high. Cyber attacks have grown in frequency and sophistication over the last few years, and many organizations are behind in their ability to detect these attacks.  Information Security Analysts will be needed to come up with innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or creating havoc on computer networks.  Depending on the location and education levels, entry level salaries can be expected to be $42,698 to $69,930 according to

What resources are available at Methodist University for the program?

Methodist University has a dedicated cyber lab that allows students to apply their learning.  Students will be able to set up independent networks that they will be able to conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests against.  Also, networks that are set up are self-contained to the lab so that exercises will not bleed over into university networked resources.  In addition, students will use the digital forensics equipment within the lab to conduct forensic analysis on a variety of electronic devices. Please visit the MU Cyber Lab page to view the current cyber lab resources.

Will MU's Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity program prepare me for other careers that are related to cybersecurity?

Yes, the Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity program at Methodist University will prepare a student for other careers in the Information Technology field.  Although the minor focuses primarily on cybersecurity and computer/digital forensics, students will get applied learning labs that will prepare them for other careers such as Computer Support Specialists, Network and Computer Systems Operators, Technical Support Specialists, Network Administrators, PC and Network Repair Technicians.

In addition to obtaining the Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Major/Minor at Methodist University, are there any industry standard certifications that will help me prove my expertise to potential employers? 

Yes.  Methodist University's Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Program classes are aligned with the objectives of several industry standard technical certifications. Please visit the Technical Certifications and Certification Testing page for more information.

Will this program qualify for GI Bill reimbursement? 
Visit the Veteran's Services Financial Aid page for more information.

What kind of financial aid is available?
In order to determine the level of financial aid available, visit Methodist University's Financial Aid page.


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