DPT Requirements

DPT Requirements

Requirements for the DPT Degree

The DPT curriculum contains components of didactic and clinical education that lead the student to a mastery of the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to become a competent and ethical entry-level physical therapist that provides evidence-based care to patients/clients across the continuum of care. The DPT curriculum is a rigorous, progressive course of study that strikes a balance between foundational, applied, clinical, and behavioral sciences.

All students must successfully complete all didactic courses and clinical courses (see Curriculum).

Physical therapy is an intellectually, physically, and psychologically demanding profession. It is during the rigorous three-year curriculum that the student develops the qualities needed to practice physical therapy. The qualities include the foundation of knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors needed throughout the physical therapist's professional career. These abilities are described in the DPT Program's policy on Professional Behaviors and Essential Functions. The ability to perform these skills and utilize these abilities provides the framework for the safe practice of physical therapy. Therefore, students must be able to successfully complete, with or without reasonable accommodation, all required components of the curriculum, including the Professional Behavior and Essential Functions.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. Completion of all didactic courses with a minimum GPA of a 2.8 and no course grades below C (70%).
  2. Successful completion of all clinical education courses.
  3. Completion of all courses within the maximum timeframe of 133% of the length of the program in years (i.e., no more than 4 years).
  4. Good standing in character, conduct, and ability as described in the Professional Behavior and Essential Functions Policies.
  5. Meeting all financial obligations to the University.
  6. Recommendation by the faculty for graduation.


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