Engineering Curriculum

Engineering Curriculum

Student Using a Computer Engineering ProgramThe Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering with a concentration in Industrial Engineering requires a minimum of 124 semester hours, which includes the engineering core, the industrial engineering concentration, and Methodist University’s general education requirements. All listed EGR, ISE, MAT, CHE, and PHY courses must be passed with a C- or better.

Curriculum Plans

Three different plans based on a student’s incoming freshman math course are provided below. These plans are only examples as there are many paths a student may take to complete the degree and do not substitute for the semester-by-semester advising appointments with an engineering faculty member. 

B.S. in Engineering with a Concentration in Industrial Engineering Degree Requirements

Description of Engineering and Industrial Engineering Courses

Engineering Core

(GE – satisfies a General Education requirement)

Engineering Courses

  • EGR 1100 Introduction to Engineering I
  • EGR 1200 Introduction to Engineering II
  • EGR 2100 Engineering Mechanics
  • EGR 2300 Materials
  • EGR 3100 Engineering Economy
  • EGR 3200 Electrical Engineering Principles
  • EGR 3310 Engineering Probability and Statistics I
  • EGR 3320 Engineering Probability and Statistics II
  • EGR 4900 Engineering and Society (writing intensive course)
  • EGR 4910 Senior Design

Mathematics Courses

  • MAT 2310 Calculus I (GE)
  • MAT 2320 Calculus II
  • MAT 3090 Calculus III
  • MAT 3100 Calculus IV

Science Courses

  • CHE 1510 General Chemistry I (GE)
  • PHY 2510 General Physics I-Calculus Based (GE)
  • PHY 2520 General Physics II-Calculus Based

Economics Course (choose one of the two)

  • ECO 2610 Principles of Macroeconomics (GE)
  • ECO 2620 Principles of Microeconomics (GE)

English Course

  • ENG 3210 Technical Writing

Industrial Engineering Concentration

Industrial Engineering Courses

  • INE 3200 Work Analysis and Design (writing intensive course)
  • INE 3300 Operations Research
  • INE 3500 Ergonomics and Safety
  • INE 4200 Product Engineering
  • INE 4310 Engineering Management
  • INE 4320 Systems Engineering

Engineering Elective (choose one of the two)

  • ENG 4850 Engineering Special Topics
  • INE 4400 Design of Experiments

Mathematics Course

  • MAT 3120 Linear Algebra

Mathematics/Science Electives

  • Choose two mathematics/science courses for a minimum of 6 semester hours (see academic catalogue for list of previously approved courses)

Technical Elective

  • Choose any 3 or 4 semester hours course related to your chosen field of study (course must be approved by the Engineering Program)

Additional General Education Requirements

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • FYS 1100 First Year Seminar
  • IDS 2100 Reading Circle

Computer Competency

  • CSC 1000 Computer Literacy: Introduction to Computers and Information Technology (may take a competency exam to “waive” the course)


  • ENG 1010 Composition
  • ENG 1040 Composition and Rhetoric
  • ACL 1510 (or 3540) Speech Communication (or Business and Professional Speaking)

Global Perspective Elective


  • Any literature (ENG) course 2000 or higher except ENG 3610 or 3620
  • History (HIS) course
  • Religion (REL) course

Fine Arts Appreciation (choose one)

  • ARH 1510 Language of Art
  • ARH 2530 Survey of Art History I
  • ARH 2540 Survey of Art History II
  • MUS 1510 Survey of Music in Western Civilization
  • MUS 1520 Jazz and Popular Culture
  • MUS 1600 Music Fundamentals
  • MUS 1610 Music Theory I
  • THE 1620 Survey of Theatre
  • THE 1630 Basic Stagecraft
  • 3 semester hours in applied music/ensemble or theatre ensemble

Wellness (choose one)

  • WEL 1010 CPR/Lifetime Activities and either WEL 2010 Physical Activities or WEL 2350 Intercollegiate Sports
  • WEL 2180 Concepts of Fitness and Nutrition
  • PXS 2900 Principles of Physical Conditioning

Library Competency

  • Completed in FYS 1100 or by signing up for a workshop in the library (no credit, but required for graduation)

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