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New Opportunities

Pine Forest High School - Part 1
Mentor Program
Dr. Carla Fagan

Thomas Edwards

Pine Forest High School - Part 2
Youth Mentor Project
This project is being conducted by RSB and is being held on Wednesday, April 30 from 10 to 2 here at MU. This is an exciting project and it needs more volunteers for the day of the event. The contact persons are Patrick Cortes, Project Chair, 910-759-2195, email is or Dr. Kimberly Scruton, 630-7047,

Red Cross Club
Service projects, CPR, Disaster Preparation
Brittany Savageau, Club President

Sandhills Young Writers Contest
Expand Creative Arts Opportunities for local High School Students
Professor Brenda Jernigan

Jamie Mulkern

United Way
Community Service Needs Assessment
Don Williams

Young Professionals Leadership Conference
The Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Conference will be held here at MU on Friday, May 16 from 8 to 4 pm This conference is being co-sponsored by the Fayetteville Regional Chamber of Commerce, the American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter and MU. This will be the first conference of the YP held in Fayetteville-Cumberland County. The conference will have guest presenters on subjects such as communication dynamics, financial planning, community engagement, and motivating staff to mention a few. Contact persons for this project are Annette O'Keefe, 910-433-6777, E-mail: or Natalie Mathews, Project Chair,