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What is Environmental and Occupational Management?

Environmental and Occupational Management (ENM) is a broadly based interdisciplinary field that combines Environmental Science & Management, Occupational and Health Management, Business Management with Legal Studies, Justice Studies, Biology & Chemistry.

Individuals with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field will be involved in policy-making procedures for government and industry. They will become specialized in Environmental Compliance, OSHA Safety Standards, Environmental Field & Laboratory Testing, Occupational Health Sampling, Plant Safety, Public Policy and Law.

Graduates will carry out administrative functions involved in the interpretation and implementation of law, governmental regulations, public policy, worker safety regulations, environmental protection, occupational health, occupational safety, and regulatory compliance at the local, state, federal, and international levels.

Why should you major in ENM?

Both the Environmental and Occupational Management fields are rapidly growing. There are more and more regulations put in place by government every day and many of these new regulations require qualified individuals to fill the safety and compliance roles.

Our program has since its inception maintained a 100% job placement rate within 6 months of graduation. Many of our students graduation with jobs already lined up. This is due to the mandatory 100 hour internship every student must complete as part of their graduation requirement.

FEMA Approved Institution

Methodist University has maintained a positive relationship with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Many of our students are accepted into specialized training classes offered at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, MD.

Our professors make it a point to attend the annual FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Conference to stay up to date on the newest material available in the field.

You will find Methodist Universities ENM Department listed as an approved institution on their site.

Why was the program implemented?

In recent years, a variety of fields of expertise have come to the forefront in both governmental and business/industrial operations, including worker safety, plant operational safety, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, and safeguarding of the general public.

Historically, it has been extremely difficult for agencies to hire someone educated in all of these fields. After extensive consultation with governmental and industrial representatives making up our advisory board, Methodist University established this program to fill the immediate and future needs of the local and worldwide Environmental and Occupational Management fields.

The Environmental and Occupational Management Program will train graduates who are in high demand to work at the entry to administrative level in these and other areas.

Job opportunities

In a wide range of settings:

  • Governmental/Regulatory Agencies
  • Business/Industry
  • Public Health
  • Emergency Management
  • Education
  • Research
  • Agriculture Administration
  • Public Safety including Fire

Like to Visit?

If you would like to plan a visit to Methodist University to see all that our major has to offer, please give us a call (910) 630-7136 or contact your admissions counselor and request a meeting with Dr. Deborah Branson the Environmental and Occupational Management Department Chair.

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