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The Environmental and Occupational Management Program is a broadly based interdisciplinary major. Graduates in the major will be prepared to enter positions in industry, government, mining, agriculture, public health, homeland security, educational and research organizations. Graduates will be capable of interpreting and implementing federal, state, and international policies, laws, and regulations governing safe, environmentally sound, and legal operations.

Type of Degree Awarded: B.S.

Science Core/General Education Requirements: The science General Education requirements are satisfied in the ENM Regulatory Compliance concentration.

Requirements for the Major in ENM:
The major consists of 42 or 43 hours beyond the 16-hour core. Students are required to take ENM 4900, Internship. Under special circumstances and with the permission of the program director an appropriate 3000-4000 level course may replace ENM 4900.

ENM Core: ENM 101, 170, 201, 250, 301


ENM Regulatory Compliance: 16 hour ENM core; ENM 3510, 3710, 4600, 4900; CHE 1510, 1520, BIO 1530 or SCI 1420; GLY 1600 or SCI 1410; BUS 3430; JUS 4550; LAW 2000, 3900; PSC 333; OCL 3700 or LSS 3000.

Two More Concentrations are expected to be added within the coming year.

Requirements for the Minor in ENM: 18 s.h., comprised of ENM 1010 plus any five of the following course options: ENM
1700, 2010, 2500, 2600, 3010, 3510, 3710, 4500, or 4600 or other requirements for the major.

Designated Writing Enrichment Courses: ENM 351 and 460