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The Southeastern Center for Environmental Excellence

SECEE provides university students and community professionals the educational and training experiences necessary for the management of environmental and occupational concerns. The Center is organized into four components: University Curriculum, Fieldwork, Environmental Simulation Center, and Community Outreach. The Curriculum Paradigm is based on the following: Regulatory Compliance, Incident Prevention, Incident Management, and Site/Incident Mitigation.

About the Center
The Southeastern Center for Environmental Excellence is a wholly immersive simulator that features three-dimensional video, tracking system, a 27 speaker surround sound system, a butt kicker, a head mounted display (HMD), and data gloves. The simulator was purchased with funds that Methodist University Environmental and Occupational Management Program received from a Federal Government Grant. This center is the only one of its kind and is used to midigate and train up and coming students and professionals on proper procedures for the mitigation of an environmental disaster.