Alumni Business Person of the Year

Alumni Business Person of the Year

A Methodist University graduate who makes great contributions not only to the successful operations of a local business and industry, but also to the civic and cultural life of the community in which they live.

2018 Devin Gee
2017 Regina McLaurin
2016 Charles Allen V
2015 Gwen and Tim Holtsclaw
2014 Dianne Underwood deAndrade
2013 Kathleen E. Ziegler
2012 Colleen Wood
2011 Mark L. Coleman
2010 Leslie E. Dunn
2009 Marty Cayton
2008 Walter White
2007 Jonathan Moses
2006 David Herring
2005 Jason Williams & Jimmie Wood
2004 Phyllis Owens
2003 David Horne
2002 Robert R. Dunn
2001 Lawrence H. Walsh
2000 Bradley B. Minshew
1999 Patric Zimmer
1998 Jurgen Stanley
1997 George Copeland
1996 John W. Butler
1995 Terry Sasser
1994 Jim Townsend
1993 Ray Manning, Jr.
1992 David Foster
1991 James K. Weeks
1990 James Bledsoe
1989 David Altman
1988 JoAnna C. Palumbo
1987 Mark Kendrick
1986 Harvey T. Wright
1985 Douglas Fellows
1984 Regina McLaurin
1983 Howard Lupton
1982 Murray Duggins
1981 Ralph Hoggard
1980 Eugene R. Cote
1979 David L. Yount
1978 Joe Shepard
1977 James Peterson
1976 Jerry A. Keen


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