Freshman Profile


The Admissions Funnel

Total Freshman Applications: 3,754
Total Freshman Acceptances: 2,049 (55%)
Enrolled Freshman: 397 (19%)

Academic Profile For First-Time Freshman

Average GPA of enrolled freshman = 3.58
Average New SAT of enrolled freshman = 1074
Average ACT of enrolled freshman = 21.2

The middle 50% of enrolled freshman scored between 960 and 1170 on the SAT
The middle 50% of enrolled freshman scored between 18 and 24 on the ACT
The middle 50% of enrolled freshman had a GPA between 3.13 and 4.04

Class Rank dispersal

Top 10% = 14%
Top 20% = 28%
Top 25% = 37%
Top 33% = 49%
Top 50% = 74%

(85% submitted class rank)

Academic Profile For Presidential Scholars

Average GPA for Presidential Scholars = 4.03
Average SAT for Presidential Scholars = 1202
Average ACT for Presidential Scholars = 24.6
Average Presidential Scholarship Amount = $18,066

Geographic Profile

59% of enrolled freshman are North Carolina residents.
33% of North Carolina residents are from Cumberland County.
States represented: 29
International freshman: 27
International countries represented: 24


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