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Global Fellows Program

Students who are Global Fellows at Methodist University participate and complete selected activities focused on global and cultural issues leading toward recognition as a Global Fellow and possibly as a Methodist University Distinguished Global Citizen.

To be a Global Fellow Candidate, students must submit an application and a Global Citizen Development Plan, usually in their Freshman year. Candidates are admitted into the program if approved.

Global Fellow Candidates

At minimum, candidates must participate in the following:

  • Complete 6 semester hours of select courses: IDS 210 (foreign authors), FRE, GER, LAN, SPA (100 level; 2 semesters; 4 semesters encouraged); HIS 217, 301, 370, 411; PSC 277; REL 150; SOC 256; ACC 462; ECO452; OCL 360; GEO 252, ENG 391, 404. The final list to be determined.
  • Participate in at least one event for the International Day of Tolerance (start date 11/15/13).
  • Attend two on-campus Global/International workshops/events.
  • Attend one major Global/International guest speaker presentation.
  • Volunteer at an on-campus international event. Note: Participation in the International Day of Tolerance is an additional requirement as stated above.
  • Volunteer at a multi-cultural event within the community.
  • Participate in a short-term Study Abroad trip.
  • Participate in a short-tem community service event abroad or within the U.S.
  • Join campus organizations.

Apply to be a Global Fellow

Usually in their Sophomore year, students apply for designation as a Global Fellow. Students must submit an updated Global Citizen Development Plan, along with documentation reflecting their participation in the candidate activities. If approved, they are recognized as designated Global Fellows.

Global Fellows

At minimum, Global Fellows must participate in the following:

  • Complete an additional 6 semester hours from the approved course list.
  • Participate in at least one event for the International Day of Tolerance (start date 11/15/13).
  • Participate in one study abroad trip (short term, semester, year, internship or community service) or one U.S. exchange or community service program.
  • Attend one or more off-campus Global/International conferences.
  • Attend three or more on campus Global/International workshops/events.
  • Attend two or more major Global guest speaker presentations.
  • Related minor: Global Studies, International Relations, International Business, etc.
  • Additional course work.
  • Additional study abroad or study U.S. program to include community service, internship or study program to include Davis Peace Project, Fulbright, etc.
  • Join campus organizations.

Apply for Global Fellow Completion

Usually by the second semester of their Senior year, a Global Fellow must submit a portfolio documenting their activities, including an updated Global Citizen Development Plan. If approved, the student receives a certificate recognizing their status as a Global Fellow.

Apply for the Distinguished Global Citizen Award

Usually by their 2nd semester, Senior year, the designated Global Fellow submits a Capstone Portfolio to include documentation of the activities recognized to complete the Global Fellows Program with an updated Global Citizen Development Plan and analysis of how their activities have contributed to their becoming a Global citizen, how that has affected them, and how the experiences and what they learned contribute to their future plans/careers. Significant achievements over and above the minimum global Fellow activities should be emphasized. Transcripts and LORs may be required.