Grant Administration & Compliance

Grant Administration & Compliance

Work on a sponsored project can only begin after the MU Office of Business Affairs (OBA) officially accepts the award. Faculty members are not authorized to sign sponsored programs awards on behalf of the University.

The OBA establishes new Special Projects accounts for all awarded grant funds. The OBA must have a budget and contract that agrees with the total awarded amount before a project account can be established.

GSR will provide the OBA with an electronic copy of each award notice and contract. The documents in the award package will be reviewed for completeness in order to establish the new project within five (5) working days of the date the award package is received by the OBA. The OBA will provide the PI/PD an account number following award set-up.

The PI/PD is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the approved project and must stay abreast of all grant terms, conditions, and reporting requirements. The PI/PD is responsible for knowing and complying with all reporting deadlines, as specified by the granting agency.

The GSR monitors progress toward the stated project goals and expenditures to ensure overall grant compliance. It is the responsibility of the each PI/PD to submit grant-related reports on time. The GSR will consult with the PI/PD and OBA to ensure reports are submitted on time and to address any concerns that arise during the grant period.


Procurement cards (P-Cards) cannot be used to make purchases with grant funds.  Purchases made with grant funds can only be made through the use of a University Corporate Card or purchase order (only when the vendor does not accept credit card).

In order to spend grant funds, a Corporate Card request must be completed in the MUNet Purchasing System.  Upon full approval, the requester will be notified that the card is available for pick up.  The individual requesting the card is the only person authorized to pick up and sign for it.

An itemized receipt is required for each purchase made using the Corporate Card.  All receipts are to be turned in at the time the card is returned to the Card Manager.


If travel is involved with the grant award, the Corporate Card will be used by the requester to make travel arrangements (deposits for hotel accommodations, airline reservations, etc.).  The Corporate Card will then be returned to the Card Manager and held until the travel event occurs.  At the time of the travel event, the requester will sign the card back out to utilize while traveling for expenses (i.e. actual hotel bill charges, meal per diem, transportation) approved in the grant.



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