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Global Studies Requirements

Degrees in Global Studies are available only at the Bachelor level. Global Studies majors are required to pass the following courses, and their necessary prerequisites: ECO 261 and 262; ECO 452 OR PSC 451; PSC 151, 227 and 351; 3 semesters of foreign language at the 300 level or above; GEO 252; ECO 452 (International Trade & Finance), ENG 231 or ENG 232 (World Literature), SOC 256 (Anthropology); GLS 460 (Senior Seminar) – HIS 455 or PSC 460 may be substituted for GLS 460 with the permission of the coordinator.

In addition, students are required to take an additional 15 s.h. At least 9 s.h. must come from one of the following groups of courses, the remaining 6 s.h. may be selected from any of the other two groups.

Group A: 300/400 level foreign language courses.

Group B: PSC 305 (Democratic Principles), PSC 347 (American Foreign Policy), PSC 440 (International Organizations), PSC 451 (International Political Economy. One course in the Area Studies sequence (PSC 401-410), PSC 425 (with the permission of the coordinator).

Group C: ECO 420 (Comparative Economic Systems), ECO 452 (International Trade and Finance), ECO 465 (Economic Growth & Development), BUS 332 (Managerial Finance), BUS 343 (Management & Organization).

Group D: HIS 301 (Topics in Modern Asian History), HIS 322 (Early Modern History), HIS 325 (Modern History), HIS 331 (Topics in Latin American History), HIS 370 (Twentieth Century World), HIS 381 (Topics in European Social and Cultural History), HIS 385 (Special Topics in History) with the permission of the coordinator, (HIS 411 Modern Russia)

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