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Teacher Certification

Requirements for Licensure in Social Studies


"We Teach Citizenship Skills" - Successful citizenship depends on being able to interpret sources within their contexts. Social Studies helps students find the meanings in sources as diverse as a political speech or a pop song, a lawsuit or a Twitter post, and consider their significance before responding at the ballot box, online, or in the street. At Methodist University, Social Studies teachers do not merely learn the facts of History or Geography, they develop as historical thinkers, researchers, and writers, and learn to inculcate the same skills and habits in their students. We teach citizenship skills.

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History with Licensure in Social Studies:

Requirements for the major: 30 s.h. in history at the 200 level or above, including 201, 202, 210 and 455

Requirements for licensure in Social Studies (9-12): Completion of the requirements for a History major. The following elective courses are recommended within the History Major, but not required: HIS 103, HIS 301, 305, 362, and 411. Licensure students must also take: ECO 261 or 262, Geo 252, PSC 151, SOC 151 or SOC 256, and three more semester hours from any social science besides history (for example, economics, political science, psychology, or sociology)

Education requirements: : EDU 200, 240, 242, 251, 330, 342, 407, 412, 420, 421; SPE 255.

Majors must also pass the Praxis I exam and Specialty Area exam, and fulfill all other requirements for entry and completion of the teacher education program.