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First Year Experience: Enrich Pathway

The Enrich Pathway develops global citizens through intercultural exchange and scholarly pursuits. From taking trips to visit North Carolina's rich heritage and participating in local international festivals, you will be immersed in a diverse cultural experience.

For residential students, faculty members are frequent visitors in the residence halls, leading programs on the intricacies of religious and cultural difference to foster an understanding of fellow classmates. Your Resident Assistant can help you get plugged into the diverse cultural offerings at Methodist University.

The Enrich Pathway will explore the Undergraduate Research and Globalization elements of your MU Journey.

What students want to know

This will be fun and you'll get to meet new people with similar interests.

What parents want to know

Research shows that students involved in FYE programs are more connected to fellow students, faculty and staff and the University.

What you were afraid to ask

Q. Can I participate in pathways other than my own?
A. YES! Pathways are intended to include, not exclude. Everyone will have a chance to learn and participate in each pathway

Q. Is it going to cost me more?
A. No. General programs are covered by your tuition. However if a trip off campus is taken, participants may be asked to contribute.

Q. If I switch rooms, will I be able to stay in the same pathway?
A. Yes. Moving will change how far you have to walk to see your friends, but nothing else.

Q. If I feel more comfortable talking to another RA or RC that is not my own, may I?
A. Absolutely! All RCs and RAs are available for any student.

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