Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Professions Post-Bacc Certificate Program

What is the post-bacc program designed to do for my preparation to enter a career in medicine?

  • Enhancement: The post-bacc program is designed to enhance your application to PA, medical or PT school. For example, if an applicant did not perform well in their undergraduate career, the post-bacc program is designed to help you take challenging courses, many of them in one semester, and to take them in a very short amount of time (one calendar year). This design is intended to mimic the fast-paced and demanding curriculum that one will face in these type of programs.
  • Prerequisite Courses: If an applicant majored in a non-medical or non-science major for their undergraduate degree, the program is also designed to offer prerequisite courses for PA, medical and PT school in a short amount of time.

What is the post-bacc program NOT designed to do?

Applicants should not consider the post-bacc program if:

  • An applicant has only a few outstanding prerequisite courses that need to be completed. Applicants are still eligible to apply to Methodist University via our undergraduate admissions office as a “Special Student”.
  • An applicant is considering entering a professional program outside PA, medical, PT, or the other programs mentioned on the home page (vet, dental, OT, etc.). For example, applicants who have an end goal of obtaining a PhD in a science field should pursue different avenues to achieve this type of goal.

Are post-bacc classes separate from undergraduate classes?

No, post-bacc students will take classes alongside other undergraduate students.

Is March 1 a firm deadline for application materials?

Yes, due to class registration dates, which opens mid-March, all application materials (application, personal statement, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores) have to be submitted to the coordinator by this date. Do not wait until March 1 to submit your application as the committee will not make a decision based solely on the application. If all materials are not received by March 1, the application will no longer be considered for the post-bacc program, but the applicant may apply to take courses at MU as a "Special Student." Courses are not guaranteed if deadlines are missed.

Can I be in-progress of taking the prerequisite courses for the program while applying?

Yes, applicants may be in-progress of completing prerequisites for the program. However, it would be beneficial for the majority of the courses to be completed at the time of application. Acceptances are contingent upon successful completion of the prerequisites.


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