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The focus of Interfaith Initiatives at Methodist University is LISTEN. LEARN. LOVE. -- encouraging interfaith dialogue, learning, respect, and cooperation among people of all faiths. The Interfaith Roundtable meets weekly for courageous conversations about what and why we believe and how it is that we might learn to live together for peace in the world. Programs encourage members of the MU community to know deeply and live freely their own faith’s sacred texts and traditions while being intentional in learning and reverencing the faith traditions of others. Interfaith Initiatives’ programs include a weekly roundtable for discussion, a study of scriptures from major world religions, and the celebration of various religious festivals. 

Weekly Opportunities to Listen, Learn and Love:

  • Interfaith Council (IFC): Meets to plan and promote interfaith engagement on the campus, student led
  • Interfaith Roundtable: Meets weekly on Thursdays  (7 PM) to discuss religious/spiritual topics through an interfaith lens. Student led. (Example: weekly topic may be “prayer” or “good/evil” and each participant is invited to share about the topic from his or her own faith tradition.
  • World Culture Celebrations: (vary each year, chosen and planned by IFC) Campus-wide educational events regarding religious festivals that also influence world cultures. This year’s celebrations included: Eid al-Adha (Isalm), Holi (Hinduism), Lunar New Year (Buddhism/Asian religions), Easter (Christianity), Sukkot (Judaism)
  • World Scripture Study: A new study that has been prepared based on the text World Scriptures, A Compilation of the World’s Sacred Texts. This study meets weekly to study scripture texts from the wider world religious community.

Interfaith Events, Excursions & Experiences:

  • Interfaith House: Religious Life and Housing/Residence Life are partnering to offer an interfaith housing experience in the Village. Those interested can contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Junaluska Peace Conference: A peace conference for multi-faith discussion, held annually and sponsored by the Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church, this conference brings together people of all faiths for conversation on how to live together in peace and to advance the causes of compassion and justice in the world.
  • Still Point: An interfaith prayer and meditation space open to all, 24/7, and located in Chris’s House.

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