Institute of Sports Science & Wellness Events

Institute of Sports Science & Wellness Events

Signing Day

We will kick off our HEALTHY CAMPUS 2020 initiative on March 20, 2017. We ask that everyone comes to this event, which will be held in Berns starting at 11am. The first 200 students, faculty and staff who “take the pledge” to help us become a healthy campus will get a t-shirt. This initiative stretches beyond Methodist Universities, as numerous other schools have already taken this pledge. Therefore, we want to show we can do it better and with more support! Please help us get started on this journey!!

Walk/Run on our New Campus Trails

We have created three new trails on campus. There is the “Methodist Mile,” which is a one mile loop that takes you through campus using sidewalks. Our second loop is a cross country mile, which takes you through some of the wooded areas and up and down our campus hills. The final loop is a 5k loop that takes you by all buildings and through several areas of woods. You will get a view of the campus while getting a great workout!

March 31, 2017:

  • 11:00 we will start with the inaugural walk of the Methodist Mile. Everyone should come and enjoy the brief lunchtime walk or run.
  • 5:30 = 5k at 5. For those who want a little more of a workout should also join us at 5:30 for the “5k at 5.” This again can be completed as a walk, jog or run!
  • The first 200 participants will receive a water bottle.

March Wellness Speaker Series

We will have a series of three talks during March to address nutrition, exercise and mental health. These are open to everyone and will be held in the Alumni Dining Room at 7pm.

  • March 14: Ten to Zen: How to go from hot mess to cool success in ten minutes or less
  • March 21: Nutrition and the three bears: too much, too little, or just right
  • March 28: Eat what you love and love what you eat

Symposium Day Panel Discussion

We will be engaging in a panel discussion addressing completed, ongoing and future research in the areas of sport science and wellness during Symposium Day. Please come and learn about what has been done, is being done and could be done. Our goal is to stimulate research ideas and create possible collaborations between faculty and students in different departments.

  • April 5: Completed, ongoing and future research in the areas of Sports Science and Wellness.

There are no upcoming events at this time.