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Library Collections

The Methodist University library was originally housed in a room of the Trustees' Classroom Building. Davis Memorial Library (named for Mrs. Geraldine Tyson Davis) was dedicated in 1964, and a south wing addition opened in 1999.

The physical collection currently consists of approximately 98,000 volumes, which includes not only books but also DVDs and videos, music scores and CDs, computer CD-ROMS, and maps and art prints. The library provides access to collections of electronic books ("e-books"), online journal articles, and scholarly websites via our Digital Resources page. All of the items in the library are searchable in the Online Catalog.

Please note that the loan periods specified below apply to most students. Other loan periods may apply to faculty, staff, and students enrolled in particular programs.


Most of the print materials in the library can be found in the following collections:

Reference Collection

Reference books are encyclopedias and dictionaries (general or subject-specific), historical chronologies, atlases, bibliographies, court cases, and similar works. A reference book generally provides a wide-angle view of a topic, and is often used in conjunction with a monograph -- a book that provides an in-depth look at a subject.

Their call numbers begin with "R".

Reference books must be used in the library. A self-service photocopier is available.

Circulating Collection

Most of the circulating books are located in the general collection, but there are a few smaller subdivisions:

  • Oversize collection: books that are too tall to fit on standard-height library shelves. Their call number begins with "L"
  • Methodist College collection: books written by faculty and staff of the college. Their call number begins with "MC"
  • North Carolina collection: books written by North Carolina authors, or dealing with North Carolina topics. Their call number begins with "NC"

Staff at the Circulation Desk can help you locate items in the above areas.

Circulating books can be checked out, and most have a 28-day loan period. Renewals are usually available, and can be requested in person, over the phone, or via the "Your Account" button in the Online Catalog.

Teaching Materials Collection

The collection supports students majoring in elementary and secondary education. It contains over 7,500 volumes of children’s literature, textbooks used by the Cumberland County and Fort Bragg school systems, professional education activity books, audiovisual resources, games, and manipulatives.

TMC call numbers begin with "E" (easy picture books), "F" (fiction), or "Prof" (books for professional teachers), among others.

Items in the TMC have varying loan periods.

For more information, see the guide to the TMC.

DVDs and Videos

The audiovisual collection consists of over 1,800 videos and DVDs, all of which are kept in closed storage behind the Circulation Desk. Most of the videos cover academic topics; many of the DVDs are releases of feature films. To browse for box office releases:

  • go to the Online Catalog
  • type "DVD" in the Find this box
  • select "Call number" in the Find results in box
  • click "Search"
  • click "Next" until you get to call number DVD 791 and following

The loan period for DVDs and videos is generally three days, and renewals are available.

Music Scores and CDs

Most music materials are located in the music room or just outside of it. Music reference books are located in the regular reference collection in call numbers 780-789. Music (along with a few spoken word) CDs are kept in closed storage behind the Circulation Desk.

Music books

These books about composers, movements, genres, instruments, and related topics are part of the general collection but are housed with the music scores for convenience.

These volumes have a 28-day loan period.

Music scores

Music scores contain written music to be used for study or performance.

Their call numbers begin with "M".

These volumes have a 28-day loan period.

Reference Scores

These volumes are located just outside the back door of the music room (near the North Carolina collection) and consist of complete works in full score of major European composers. This collection also contains the "Hortus Musicus" ("musical garden") for beginning string players.

Their call numbers begin with "M Ref" and"HM".

As with all reference books, these items do not circulate.

Miniature Study Scores

These tiny volumes are located next to the reference scores, and they help you analyze a particular work or "read along" while listening to classical music.

Their call numbers begin with "MM".

These volumes have a 28-day loan period.

Music CDs

The collection of over 300 titles primarily covers western art music ("classical music"), but jazz and Broadway soundtracks are also well represented. They are kept in closed storage behind the Circulation Desk.

Their call numbers begin with "CD".

The discs have a 3-day loan period.

Computer CD-ROMs

Most of the library's CD-ROMS accompany circulating books. They relate to computing programs, children's games, clip art, reference books, art work, health care, and many other topics. The discs are kept in closed storage behind the Circulation Desk.

The loan period for CD-ROMS is 7 days (for stand-alone titles) or 28 days (for those that accompany books with a 28-day loan period).

Their call numbers begin with "CDR" or "R".

Maps and Art Prints

Maps and art prints are stored in the flat file near the north wing emergency exits (the doors facing the bell tower). The collection consists of National Geographic maps, reproductions of famous artwork, classroom signs, and posters on many other topics. This collection is a great resource if you need a visual to spice up a presentation.

Their call numbers begin with "AP".

The loan period for maps and art prints is 7 days.

Serials (Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers)

Davis Memorial Library subscribes to hundreds of journals, magazines, and newspapers in print, and provides access to thousands more online. Serials are located in four places in the library: current periodicals, bound periodicals, the microform area, and in closed storage behind the circulation desk. The Online Catalog can help you determine what journal titles the library holds in print or microform format, but it cannot help you locate journal articles on a specific topic.

Periodicals must be used in the library. A self-service photocopier is available.

For more information about serials in the library, and locating articles in general, see the guide entitled Locating Periodical Articles.

Special Collections and Archives

In addition to materials used by students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis, Davis Memorial Library also houses collections of special materials. These collections are generally available for use by appointment only.

Special collections materials must be used in the library. Materials in stable condition may be photocopied.

For more information see the Special Collections and Archives web page.